An Essay By Ben // 2/19/2000

Dear Homeschooling Friends,

It's late, and I just got back from visiting Harvard University! I feel slightly weird when I say this--I suppose it has to do with that huge cloud of prestige and grandeur that Harvard has floating around it's name. I mean, Harvard is supposed to be one of the best colleges in the world. They get amazing people as professors, as speakers, and as students. But, believe it or not, the students at Harvard are real people, just like you and me! I should know, I just ate dinner in a student cafeteria surrounded by Harvard students. Incredible but true, the people at Harvard eat, sleep, talk, even go to the bathroom, just as we do. ;-)

I went there to meet an old friend that I have never met before today... no joke. I know this friend completely through email and an online class I took 3 years ago for home schoolers! Amazing isn't it? I think it's really cool.

Speaking of home schoolers and Harvard, I heard today that last week the Wall Street Journal had a front page article about how home schoolers are getting accepted at lots of good colleges. Three cheers for home schoolers!

Snow has smothered Massachusetts again. I'm getting a little tired of it, though I haven't gone skiing or sledding this winter yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to take some of the Kniaz kids out to the park tomorrow. There is a big, steep hill there, great for sledding!

I just found out that Bush beat McCain in South Carolina, with Keyes in 3rd place. Too bad for McCain. I wonder what will happen this Tuesday in Michigan and Arizona?

Enough out of me... it's really late here. Until I get the chance to write more, have fun in apricot--

Ben Kniaz


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