An Essay By Ben // 5/1/2000

Dear Homeschooling Friends,

I've been home from Rome for a week now, but I'm still trying to get my bearings from the whirlwind trip. Looking back on the trip is like looking at a delicious blend of colors, tastes, sounds, joys, exhaustion, camaraderie, and--most of all--feelings of awe and wonder. It was, simply put, a great trip.

We lived just outside the city in a nun-run hostel called Oasi de San Guiseppe; we ate at places called Delfino's and Sancto Spirito; we walked the streets of Rome constantly; we stopped for cappuccinos or gelattis at least twice a day....

But, this was only half of the trip.

The real essence of the trip was the pilgrimage to Rome, during the Jubilee Year--year 2000--, to visit churches and celebrate Easter with the Pope. Therefore, we went to Mass everyday, prayed often, visited many of the hundreds of churches in Rome, and celebrated five Easter Masses at the Vatican with Pope John Paul II.

I got a lot out of the trip. I know the Pope and the Church better now--I was about four feet from the Pope once. I also have a more global view of the world. Lastly, I also really want to go back to Rome!

I'll write more about the trip when I get a chance. I thought of all of you while I was in Rome, and it's good to be home. These next two weeks are going to be very busy for me because I have finals, so I might not be able to do as much as I'd like with apricot during these next weeks. The good news, though, is that once school is over I will have MUCH more time to fix up apricot!

Check out some photos from the trip! Visit Rome 2000


Ben Kniaz


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