Achilles and the University of Dallas

An Essay By Ben // 10/7/2000

Achilleus agrees that Dr. Baldwin told Aristotle that Thomas Jefferson thinks Profesora Rosenstiel likes Plato, I tell you. Life is full here at college. I’m reading more than I have ever read before. I’m writing more, talking more, thinking more. New and old ideas are coming together and forming something new in my head. Could this be called an education?

Crammed into my small dorm room with my roommate Justin, I sit here looking around me. It’s hard to believe I’ve only lived here for 5 weeks! On my ugly, green desk I have my laptop, the Odyssey, papers listing a thousand assignments, two bottles of Frappuccino…. My bed is covered with stuff. My roommate just left to go shopping. It’s Saturday, and it feels great to be free from study for a while. On our walls, we have a great Braveheart poster, and a Casablanca poster. I have family pictures up.

Texas has been hot and dry almost the whole time I’ve been here. Today and yesterday the weather has changed. It’s probably about 60 degrees outside and it rained this morning. It actually feels like autumn.

I could sleep right now, but I don’t want to. I need to sleep, though. Last week, I had a lot of late nights writing papers and preparing for tests. Sleep can be useful sometimes, I’m sure. Actually, I know sleep is really important. I need more of it.

I’ve met a lot of people—more people in one month than I have probably ever met over several years of un-college life. Although I sometimes would like to escape from the constant interaction with people, I’m really enjoying it for the most part.

Sometimes, it seems time flies by as fast as a turtle walks. It is both slow and fast. But, it never stops—with all my assignments, I’m very aware of that fact.

Signing off from the University of Dallas, Texas,


PS I cannot believe that I am a college student!
PPS Maybe I can, if I really try


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