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Ben // 11/6/2007

Dear Homeschooling Friends,

It is November 2007. apricotpie is... let's see... approaching its seventh birthday. Like many of you, I only come back to look at apricotpie now and then. I forget about it for a few weeks. Then, one day, I think about it or dream about it (as I did last night) and come back to check on it.

There is always something good waiting for me when I do come back.

This time it was "The Dating Game," written by Jenny who is already married with children. Her clarity about dating is like a sword slicing through all the confusion our culture has about love, dating, marriage, and relationships. I like what she says!

Then I skimmed through Raine's piece called "Don't Say," a thoughtful essay about moving on and moving away. I like it too! It brings back memories of when my family moved to Massachusetts from Ohio, or when we moved from England to Ohio or from Ohio to England. It also applies to me today as I "move on" to a new set of people and experiences in the graphic design world.

Graphic design? Haven't I been designing since I was, like, fourteen years old? Yes. But now I'm taking a course on typography--designing with letters. This week we are taking a word (I chose the word "Hamlet") and trying to make the letters look either playful, hungry, angry, confident, suave, etc....

Above is one of my attempts.

Enjoy apricotpie!

-Ben Kniaz


Does my bored and searching eye find the word "England"?

What's this?!! Does my eye decieve me, or do I see something about England? Am I mistaken, or are/did you say(ing) that you have live in England? Oh tell me a story about the many wonders ("wonders" here being the shortened version of "wounderful") of what I consider the Promise Land! Don't even think of saying, like the other English person I met, that England is nothing but a cold, wet, and rainy place. Even if it's true, withhold the true.....lie..... It doesn't matter anyway, because I kind of like rainy overcast days.

Do tell where you think is the best place to live and random stuff like that.

P.S. How many people are on this site now?

"A wizard is never late, nor is he early; he arrives presicely when he means to." Gandalf

The Brit | Wed, 02/04/2009


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