First day of school

An Essay By Ben // 1/21/2003

So here I am once again, the reluctant hero at the beginning of his next adventure. The last academic adventure ended happily, but in the process my grades received a few scrapes and cuts. This time I hope to do better – but oh! if only that didn't mean getting out of bed so early for classes.

In my cell (room) I am alone. I was happy to get my own room, but now I feel how lonely it can be. This is the first time in three and a half years I've had a room to myself. If I close the door, no one will come bursting in! If I so chose, people won’t even come to visit. The silence already reminds me of the monastic life. When I’ve been on retreats at monasteries, there has been that ache for noise and company at first. There has been a longing for the home just left. That ache is in my bones: where are my sisters? And my brother? Mother, are you there? When will dad come home? There is no smell of bread here; no tea kettle screeches in the kitchen. Farewell!

Books will be my closest companions in days to come – books and my fellow students here at Thomas More College.

comment: I'm thinking of keeping a sort of journal this semester. Not too sure why or how. But, we'll see what happens. I'm not too deep in study yet, so I have less to say but more time to say it!


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