Living on Concord Street

Ben // 5/8/2007

From Massachusetts to Texas, from Texas to New Hampshire, from New Hampshire to Europe and a B.A. in literature, and back to New Hampshire again--apricotpie has been stalking me these past seven years.

Now I find myself hunched over my laptop at four in the morning working on apricotpie, just like the old days when I was a homeschooling with my parents, four siblings, and a Bichon Frise to keep me company. This time I am living in my own apartment on Concord Street just a block away from the town of Nashua in an 18th century Victorian house with my sister who is attending college nearby.

I have to admit I am pleased that apricotpie is continuing on its journey and that it did not pass out of sight (out of site--get it!) even though it experienced growing pains. This redesign of apricotpie comes out of my desire to allow the Web site to be personal again, a place reflective of the interests and personalities of those of us who write for it and design it. So, this design is a return to the original apricot in some ways, although I myself am unsure about where it will go from here.

Technology is changing, and with this redesign I am using a very powerful and confusing piece of software to allow me to make apricotpie far more interactive than ever before. For instance, once this new software is properly set up any homeschooler or homeschool graduate will be able to sign up and post their own writing whenever they wish (we frequent writers will moderate before publishing). You may also comment far more easily, which is always nice. I will soon be adding descriptions about how to join and about the mission of the site.

In the meantime, enjoy apricotpie!


Ben Kniaz



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