Who is Ben?

An Essay By Ben // 8/21/2000

Updated a little April 2002....

20 years old
going to The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts
attended The University of Dallas for a year.
family of seven.
homeschooled most of life
homeschooled up to senior year of high school.
went to 2 colleges in senior year
took college classes for high school credit.
eats three meals a day.
likes coffee
loves cappuccino.
roman catholic
proud of it.
thinks rome is best place on earth
likes drinking cappuccino in rome.
interested in architecture.
takes the dog on walks late at night
avoids skunks and unleashed, big, barking dog.
plays soccer
broke leg, foot, toes, ribs.
chocolate tastes best.
likes being with people
enjoys being alone.
potatoes are great
potatoes, onions, apples fried together
been to mexico
learned a little about poverty.
lived in london, england
4 years
had a british accent when I came back to US at 11.
plays violin
loves music
been to france
been to spain
spain is better than france.
loves art
draws on computer
graphic art and 3d art
Web design
a passion for me
good at it.
I think, at least.
catholicism very integral to my life
going to a catholic college
what does God have planned for me?
be patient.
disturbed by many things happening in US.
glad that I home schooled
how would I be if I had gone to school?
who would I be?
favorite word: soul
favorite number: 9
second most glorious moment of life: scoring two goals in 3 minutes
it was a great moment in history.
favorite color: cappuccino
takes orders from younger siblings
"pick me up Ben!"
"spin me around Ben!"
"talk for my doll Ben!"
I do it.
likes to sing with the CD.
"go away Ben."
wants to play guitar
wants to sing without the CD.
favorite Web site: http://www.apricotpie.com
movies--some movies--are great: braveheart, star wars,chariots of fire, the trueman show, beauty and the beast, wallace and grommet, jeeves and wooster, Schindler's list, Mr. Bean, the sound of music
"the hills are alive, with the sound of music..."
some movies aren't worth watching.
some favorite authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Sophocles, Rosemary Suttcliff, the Pope, Chesterton, Robert Frost, Socrates/Plato, Roald Dahl, Leo Tolstoy...
I'm missing some, I know.
would rather be too cold than too hot.
been in an airport in germany.
never been to disney world, land, place, or country.
favorite smell: cappuccino

did I mention that I love cappuccino?


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