Coming Night

A Poem By Bernadette // 3/2/2009

The mourning wind assails the night
As twilight darkens around the sky
A wisp of wind across the dark
A silent wailing about the wood

So quickly the sunset fades around the bitter cold
And birds fly upon darkening sky
Of shades of blue it stretches out
Looming and still as howling wind sweeps through

The black branches waving about
Brushing against themselves in the breeze
The trunk is unmoved above the ground
And its bark black on the horizon

Tips of tall trees fade into the misty skyline
And from afar the wolf cry is heard
And the call sounds in the thicket
And welcomes the blackening night


... :)

Oooh, reminds me of an autumn twilight near the woods... good job.
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Hannah W. | Mon, 03/02/2009

Really pretty. I love

Really pretty. I love it.
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Clare Marie | Wed, 03/04/2009

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This was very pretty!!! I really enjoyed this!!

Elizabeth | Mon, 03/09/2009


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Oh, I like it. I wonder why

Oh, I like it. I wonder why I didn't see this before. It's lovely. Though it didn't ryhme (which is sometimes needed for rhythm) it had a nice flow. It reminded me of something Mary-Anne would resite in Sense and Sensibility. You also did a good job of painting the picture.

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The Brit | Tue, 03/10/2009


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