Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Eight

Fiction By Bernadette // 1/2/2011


Chapter Eight


*I apologize for not appearing on this beautiful (and happily staying open, thank you James!) website for somewhere around four months….alas! I think I have failed as a monthly writer….anyway, here is the next chapter*



We were separated by the width of the opening to the courtyard. We drew our gazes to each other for a moment, and I whispered:


“Up, we must go up.” But even as I sprang, silent as a black cat in the night, I jumped down and aside; for they had caught sight of me.  I darted forward into the light and drew my sword calling out:


“Blater, Bliter!”  The man with the axe, Count Gorsail, had passed within his courtyard and had called out his guards upon us. My companion had sprung up the wall swiftly and remained unnoticeable by the guards. I drew sword to them as I heard the roaring behind the two monstrous dogs darting out of the black. They fell like a bird of prey upon the guards.




The clock ticked slowly and dully, its tempo never changing or any other sound coming forth from it. My gaze withdrew from the lantern. The clock was carved from limestone or marble, of which I could not tell. Even the lantern’s flame was in a tempo; flickering once, then still, flickering twice and still, flickering once again. There was no stirring from above me which my ears caught the sound of. Someone then rammed up against the door, but I heard no more of it.

         A cry from a horse came, like the wail of a siren. Clattering and trampling of hooves followed, sweeping with great speed and earnest past the door. 




I swung myself up and aside, darting beneath the blow. The Marher reeled his horse about. Confusion then arose. A figure cloaked and hooded had sprung out from the dark street as one of the Marher had swept up behind him. A score of guards had rushed out through the gate as I had grasped up my sword. I was flung into combat and I heard two howls and the Marhers’ horses clamping upon the stone and crying out. My gazed flashed up for the moment with the view of the street opened. I saw two great dogs of shaggy grey fur, their necks bound with leather colors. Their obedience was to one who stood battling a Marher, who had fallen from his horse by the cause of one of the dogs.



this story is so awesome!

I just love the differen characters and how their stories are meeting up with each other so closely! I really liked this part because it was very original.... "“Up, we must go up.” But even as I sprang, silent as a black cat in the night, I jumped down and aside; for they had caught sight of me. " This was very well written....

Elizabeth | Thu, 01/06/2011


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine

missed this earlier, but...

I would like the record to state, your mind is awesome. As is your incredibly unique and distinctive writing style. I can't even describe it, or fully compare it to someone else's. It's un-modern yet contemporary, and sort of vague and brooding with just the right amount of description.
Like I said. Awesome.

Hannah W. | Sun, 01/23/2011


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