Oh Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Eleven

Fiction By Bernadette // 5/17/2011



Chapter Eleven


I felt a firm hand upon my shoulder.


“We must get out. They have set more guards in the courtyard.” He steadied me, for I was now shaken when my enemy disappeared. Again, I could feel in my pouch that heavy burning. It made me faint. I nodded wearily and looked into my companion’s shadowed eyes. He did not glance at mine but looked once back again to the courtyard. Together we dashed forwards with our swords drawn to the dark. Towards the Marher we went, while knowing we would not meet him there.



     We passed under arches and darkened windows, yet sometimes the fleeting light of a lamppost would stray towards us. Mostly, we kept in the back streets, which wound and wound about in Hethwenthor. Towards the edge of city we ran with ever a quickening pace. But each edge of the city was heavily set with the guards of Lord Dowar; passing by them was the only way to the mountains for which we headed.





The bearer of the torch stepped first through the empty doorway. The other bore a long thick knife and stayed in the doorway, while the other came and stood before me.


“What do you want here?” I questioned abruptly, the words twisting in my throat.


“You know that foolish guard.” His dark face smirked at me, and he went forward towards the bolted door. I halted him with the flat of my blade and grabbed the hand that bore the torch. He turned his head to look at me. Our eyes met as our height was nearly equal.


“You cannot stop me child.” I tore from him the torch and flung it into the fire. The flames sprung up in a roar and set the shadows dancing again. He cast me aside and leapt at the door. I sprang upon him and felt my blade against him.    




I fell to the ground. Many fell from the dogs, yet the Marher still rallied against them. I was nearly trampled, but sprang quickly away; nearly too hastily. And my blade fell against Narher’s, who stopped me from leaping up the walls. I soon fell again.  A horse swung against me, knocking me backwards into Narher. His blade I felt was plunged into my shoulder.


  I kept falling but with a cry. I continued to feel the blade reaching deeper into my flesh. I gazed up, and the world swirled to me, and I could feel myself bleeding violently.  


That was quick!

You posted more again! I was happily surprised just now.
Ow. The end sounds painful.
I love this, though. :)

Hannah W. | Tue, 05/17/2011

I love the last paragraph of

I love the last paragraph of the second person's story.... "You cannot stop me child" was an excellent line....

Elizabeth | Wed, 05/25/2011


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