Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Four

Fiction By Bernadette // 4/21/2010


The Clock stroked noon time, and I was not near to the outside of the village which I was making to. The Darkness was drenching, and I only wished that Dorwar would take back the Darkness which he created. Though I passed down many alleys and roads, I never lost sight of the Clock; for it was high above all else and there were dim lanterns hanging from it. I passed through a murky brick arch where I came to a dwelling with a door and a round window next to it. I stopped, trying to draw out a long forgotten memory. Then I remembered that behind that door was Celgarian (the clock that controlled time). I knew its warden, and I knew that I could tell him and would not have to cross out of Hethwenthor. I went to the door and opened it, and then swung it closed behind me. A fire burned in the hearth upon my left side, and a stairwell was before me. I looked to my right and started. Crouched upon a chair was a girl: she was wrapped closely in a cloak and her hand grasped a hilt of a sheathed dagger. I was too surprised to speak, and I could not see clearly her face in the denseness of the room. She stood, holding the sheath and the dagger’s hilt. She came towards me, and halted before the stairwell.


“Who are you?” she questioned. I gazed at he eyes, and saw that they shone blue. I stood higher above her and spoke:


“I am Bellbreaker, a person of no consequence. I wish to know where Tuigrem is.” Without moving an expression, she answered:


“He has left here.” My heart sank, and I barley whispered:


“Thank you.” I turned and left through the door.



I waited unhappily. I shifted in the dark and the chair squeaked. The fire was warming, but it wasn’t that close to me. I pulled my cloak closer and held my sheathed dagger tighter when a heard a fumbling at the door knob. A tall figure stepped through. He let the door close, and he jerked when he saw me. He was hooded, and I saw his eyes sparkle with amber as the fire gleamed at them. I stood, and swept across the room. I stopped at the stairwell and blocked it . I demanded from him:


“Who are you?” he answered:


“I am Bellbreaker, a person of no consequence. I wish to know where Tuigrem is.” Coldly I answered:


“He has left here.” I heard him whisper, almost silently:


“Thank you.” And he turned, passed out of the door, leaving me standing by the hearth.  



 We flung each other back, and leapt again with our knives. We fought, slipping into the shadows, near to an iron and ivy covered gate. He forced me to the stone wall.  I struggled and jumped aside. I flung Noltayn, and the gate clattered as he fell against it. I came to him and our blades twirled as we fought before the gate. Our grunts and clashes of swords sang through the gate to a courtyard which lay beyond it. A stomping came from behind the gate, though we did not heed it. I leapt upon him, and we fell to the ground. Our swords slipped from our hands and took each other in our grip. We tousled and rolled, ramming against the wall and then trying to stand as we tripped each other down. The gate then shook and opened. I saw it and then pushed Noltayn to a corner along the wall. I jumped to my feet as I grabbed my sword. A figure stepped through. Then Noltayn took me down as he hit in my back. His hands groped around to my neck. I then turned over and stroked him cold. I stood gazing at the gate breathing heavily. The light—which came from the lampposts—did not reach even to the gate, so the figure was barley seen. It stepped through and said:


“Who is it that dared to bring war upon my land?”    



WHOA this story is scary!!!!

Clare | Wed, 04/21/2010


I am still pretty confused! But enjoying it immensely. This is Creepy, just the whole idea and the style in which you write it adds to the effect. (makes "the eye" face). oooh, I love it!

Hannah W. | Thu, 04/22/2010


This story is sooo cool! I love when Bellbreaker says "of no consequence". You are pulling the story together cleverly... soo good!

Elizabeth | Thu, 04/22/2010


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine

Oooh, this is wonderful!! 

Oooh, this is wonderful!!  You must keep posting more...and often!  I'm a little confoozled, and I want to get things straight. :D

Clare Marie | Sat, 04/24/2010

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." -Bilbo Baggins [The Lord of the Rings]


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