oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell: CHapter: Seven

Fiction By Bernadette // 9/10/2010


Chapter Seven

Our footfalls were soft and muted, but our ears still heard the clattering hooves of the horses we followed. The street was dark, and we followed lines of red brick walls, but to our eyes they looked colorless and black. The light had faded out behind us. Others may have run blindly, but our eyes had adapted to the shade of the Darkness. We went on silently, each following the Marher by ear, listening for any word between the riders.  The street took a bend, and we followed those we persued around it. Light broke upon us again, and we saw the lampposts standing at the edge of the walls; and the riders, hooded and cloaked, dashing across the street that crossed over our path. There we halted, watching as they went to where an iron gate was. A man holding an axe was before it, facing another cloaked man held by four captors. We slipped back, and laid our hands upon sword hilts.




“I can bring the Marher here upon you, and I have the strength myself to slay thee and to break this door between us.” I gave no answer. “Do you know where he is?” then I stood back, and my hands dropped numbly away from the door.


“I have no knowledge of it.” I turned about, I myself still whispering the words. I waited for him to speak, but I heard no answer. Then I looked up to above the chimney piece, and saw the fire faintly glimmering upon a large bronze hanging key. I reached up and took it, twisting it into the bolt of the door to the chamber below me. I left it there, and dashed down the steps to the Celgarian Clock. I saw the lantern glimmering off Celgarian, the light reaching to my feet. The level floor came beneath me, and I halted. My eyes kept their sight upon the lantern, but within me I was bent to the Clock.




 I heard clattering hooves coming into the courtyard. I turned my head to the right, and saw mounted horses coming across the street way. They were the Marher, and I knew them more than just by name. The man before me slipped his axe into his belt and walked back, near and through the gate as his courage quaked. The horses halted, fidgeting and clamoring their hooves against the cobblestone. The riders remained mute, and none of us stirred. Two of my captors stepped away and released me. I kept silent. I heard them dash away and spring up the inner courtyard’s walls. I waited silently, feeling their hold tightening upon me as the horse stepped forward. I flung myself back with a sudden jerk, my captors springing aside. A piercing cry sprang out from one of the horses. It dashed forward, and rose over me as I sprawled near another stone wall which enclosed us.


      The rider drew out a spear when his horse rose up upon its hinds. He threw it down upon me, speaking of a place I knew only by name. I looked up and saw the Darkness, covering us like a black wing.




Great, great images in here... I think I am finally beginning to grasp the story a bit clearer. Part of my problem with understanding it is the ait between chapters; if I was reading them in succession rapidly I might remember things better.
I liked how you capitalized Darkness. There is nothing like odd capitalization to creep me out.

PS: love the new picture! You look like you are at a train station, in a great hurry, in some past era!

Hannah W. | Sun, 09/12/2010

love it!

This was another excellent chapter, Bernadette! I loved this part: "and my hands dropped numbly away from the door." I really wonder what these people's names are! And if they are girls or boys, or girls and boys...... You have me musing!!

Elizabeth | Mon, 09/13/2010


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine


accaully you do know the first person's name........go back to the first chapter....

Bernadette | Mon, 09/13/2010


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