Oh Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Ten

Fiction By Bernadette // 5/9/2011

*Sorry these chapters are to short......*

Chapter Ten


We fought in the dim, and I strove to stay him where no one took notice of us. His sword fell heavy, a great weight of steel. Yet he drew me back, back to where the shadows engulfed us. I drew my distance from him so not to be approached nearer. Our sword blows were heaving, struggling against the other more than we flashed them about. We continued to draw further away from the din. The buildings shadowed us, the darkness was impenetrable. The form of my enemy seemed to become one with it.


     Then my vision could see him no more. I brought down my sword when I felt him draw away.  I walked back from the Darkness, with my eyes ever on it.


“Step out into the light!”




My breath would not come easily. As my fingers twisted around the hilt, I drew farther away from the door. Yet I went out from the faint glows of the fire, even though I was afraid. I watched as the frame of the door was loosening. The fire let out a large crack and another flame went out. The light was dying in the room while the shadows were increasing. The door leaned forward a bit, and the light of a torch was sneaking in. I waited, my breath coming sharply and sometimes feeling as though I could not draw one at all.


      There came a loud hammer at the door. It leaned forward more. Again the hammer came. Again the door leaned forward. The timbers of the door creaked and broke. The hinges snapped and fell loose into the dark. The door fell down with a crash, and the sound rang, trembling my body.




His eyes rolled open and closed. I stumbled nearly over him. Narher’s pale gleaming eyes flashed opened. His hand still grasped his blade.  I jumped over a sword blow, tumbling down upon my foes. I rolled as they fell beneath me. My pointed helm clashed against the stone. I tried to spring up, but my foes knocked me down again. I slashed forward at their legs and wielded about as one fell with a cry. His body with his face with his blooded mouth came falling near my feet. I saw Narher’s figure now crouched and beginning to rise. I heard two ringing howls behind me. I turned about to the light of the lanterns as I ducked another blow. The gate had swung open.


Both Marhers were again on their rearing horses with sword swung out. Down upon us  came a number of heavily mailed guards with, torches, spears and swords in their hands. I was caught up in their din, for the dogs went upon them like a pack of wolves to the fold.




I just read all of this. I love it.
Well done!

Kyleigh | Tue, 05/10/2011


Nice, Bernadette! I liked the last line.... it was very cleverly put... This story is very cool. I still love the set up; it is so original.

Elizabeth | Tue, 05/10/2011


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine

It was short, but good! I

It was short, but good! I love how there's so much action going on at once. I liked the second section best...

Hannah W. | Wed, 05/11/2011