The Flame of The Desert

A Poem By Bernadette // 9/22/2008

Was it he that sparked his eye,
Flying across desert sands?
Was it he who caught his breath,
Glistening flight, fiery might?
Was it he that stayed his hand,
Capturing eyes, hooves of the night?
Was it he who held his gaze,
Catching ears, swiftly legs?
Was it he who brought the halt,
Giant and red, power and broad ?
Was it he who that touched his look,
Flaming coat, glaring gaze?
Was it he who stopped his ride,
Piercing neigh, shrieking cry?
Was it he who faltered his pace,
Flaming and strong, quick and smooth?
Was it he who took the scene,
Bracing speed, whipping tail?
Was it he who reared, black and red,
Against the sunset, a glow of red?



That's really cool!! Very good....

-Falling Leaves

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E | Mon, 09/29/2008

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