A Poem By Brianna // 11/25/2007

Crucified today
my arms nailed back
stretched out to embrace
held back by your nails

My heart that beat to love
now bleeds my blood
nailed fast my feet
that tried to walk
the path of love and peace

The pain is an unending ocean
stretching before my weary,
dropping shoulders
pulling me away
while I'm nailed here to stay

Your slap in my face
still stings
because of memories
that remain;
the pain and shame
for you

I'm betrayed by you
a Judas too?
or just misunderstanding.
But you're leaving
So fling down your coins
and find your way back new

Don't pierce my side
you've already tried
and the salty tears
still flow
while I feel this pulling me apart
as I am made to grow
I am broken
but I will rise
with Christ

Will you close your eyes
and be taken by surprise
is that all you know?
because that's all you show.

Why aren't you here?
Why weren't you there?
'Cause it wasn't fair

I never knew love could betray
I thought it would always stay
I never knew love could kill
and like cold water
shattering before my deep
sad eyes

Maybe I was wrong
since the first day
or maybe you've changed
...maybe you've changed

When this love dies
it will rise
into something
even more glorious

Hold through the day
and just know
that I'm praying
praying for you
and I wish it weren't this way

I'm not sure how
I'll make it through
till Sunday
when I feel I'm dying inside
and it's only Friday morning

I wish I could wash it
all away
and pass this bitter cup
for another day

All I want to do
is praise
and I want to see Christ's face
but he's not easy to see
in this place

Like you I thirst
But you're drowning yourself
in water that evaporates
while I taste something bitter
and in suffering, wait

Do I want it?
I'm learning that.
I don't think I'll ever say
because I do not wish
it were this way
but in the end
if bitterness leads to God
I'll taste it all my days

And I tremble at my choice
but I'd die
if I chose anything else.

You rolled the dice
and paid the price
well you're wearing the robes
so are you happy? cannot forget
who had them
before you.

I meant it well
but you just fell
you thought to sell
your name
and in your weakness



You made me cry.

I love you.


Aisling | Tue, 11/27/2007

Love it!

I love it! It was very beautiful!


Elizabeth | Wed, 11/28/2007


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine


i was choking back tears halfway through.

Sarah | Fri, 11/30/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


That was beautiful, Brianna...

This may sound silly, but I think it would make a good song...

Kyleigh | Tue, 12/18/2007


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