Children of God

A Poem By The Brit // 1/13/2010

Okay, so this was supposed to be based on a true story. I'm not sure if it's clear what exactly it's about. If you want to see where I got my information this is the site: Also, I'm not really comfortable with the last two stanzas so any suggestions would be welcome. Oh! It feels good to be posting again.


In ages past;
In somber days,
When all the skies were but a haze
And every day could be your last,
In ages gone, in ages past.

When war raged on
For the Holy Land
In the far off middle eastern sand,
And fear was brought with every dawn.
And still the Holy War raged on,

A Shepard boy
Said he would be
The one to lead across the sea
A children’s army he’d employ
Would follow him, the Shepard Boy.

And formed his host
Of children brave
Who vowed Jerusalem they’d save,
And marched onward toward the coast
The Shepard boy’s young, holy host.

But when they reached
The southern sea
They were sold into slavery;
It did not part as he had preached
When the southern sea they reached

Nor when Nicholas
Another youth
Said God had given him the truth
Did the waves part and let them pass
As prophesied young Nicholas

Though many young
And braves ones tried
The ones that were not captured, died
And though the young saints strongly sung
But few survived of the many young.

They marched for God
The young Crusade
Counting on miraculous aid
As they marched to fight against Jihad
The brave, little Children of God.