Beyond the Unknown: Chapter Two

Fiction By Caitlyn // 7/5/2007

After about an hour of walking Amy stopped. "Something isn't right....", she said to Matt shaking her head, "We should have been out of the forest in fifteen minutes, max."
Matt shrugged and motioned to a small cabin in the distance, "I don't know what happened but, there is a cabin over there. Maybe the person that lives there could give us directions."

Arriving at the cabin they knocked on the door. After a few moments of soft noises coming from inside, the door opened a bit.
"Hello? Yes? What do you want?", an old man poked his head out and stared at them as though they were aliens. All of a sudden he gasped, "Wait, oh, my prince I am so sorry!" He fully opened the door and bowed to Matt.
"Um, excuse me sir, I think you have the wrong person..." Matt held the small creature he had been carrying out to the man, "We found and we need to know what it is."
The man laughed, "Prince, do you not know your servants when you see them? This is a Mallgen. They are a race of small magickers. This one only looks to be about seven hundred years old. Not even old enough to do a small trick."
Matt shook his head, "I am not a prince...and, I don't get it, I have never seen one of these in any books before!"
Amy was a little creeped out by the old man. She leaned over and wispered to Matt, "I-I think we should get out of here; he gives me the creeps!"

Matt shrugged at Amy. There really wasn't anything they could do. The man, who was obviously touched in the head, had invited them in and it would be rude to leave without all of their questions being answered.
"Um, sir. Would you please explain to me what you are talking about?" Matt asked, his brow furrowing in concern. This man clearly had to be out of his mind.
"My prince, have you forgotten who you are?" the man asked, his eyes growing sad in the dimming light. The sun was going down quickly. If they ever wanted to get home they would have to leave soon.
Amy shifted from foot to foot. She was frightened, what in the world were they doing in this guys house? For all they knew he could be a stalker, just waiting for a good moment to take out a knife and murder them!

The old man sighed and lead them deeper into the house. From the outside it just resembled a small shack but, inside was a different story.

"Oh my gosh..." Amy gasped, looking around in wonder.

The house had to be at least three stories, with beautiful gold moldings on each wall. Every room was painted a different color. The colors ranged from deep blue to the purest white.

"Dude...this can't be real," Matt muttered under his breath.

The old man chuckled, "If you think this is awe inspiring, wait until you get back to your castle."

After walking through a few rooms they came to a kitchen. The man pulled out chairs for both Amy and Matt before shuffling over to the stove to put on a pot of tea.
In a weary voice the man spoke, "I suppose since you have forgotten everything, I need to explain what is going on...My name is Mawth,"
Amy snorted, quickly covering her face to hide a giggle.
Mawth gave her a strange look before continuing, "And you, are Prince of Morthai."
Matt shook his head and was about to speak but Mawth cut in, "Please, refrain from speaking until I am through... You were taken from the palace when you were a small child, no older than three, by the evil witch Lamara. She decided to dethrone your father and become queen herself. With you out of the way, she had the perfect opportunity to do so. She took you from your mothers arms and flew off with you on her evil dragon Slade. Your father was heartbroken and your mother...she died from grief."

Here he paused, got up, walked to the stove and opened a drawer near by. Minutes later he shuffled back with an old weather worn picture. Matt took it from him and studied it closely.

Yes, there was no denying it. This was a picture of Matt.



OK so you totally have me wondering what this is all about! You gotta write more so i don't have to keep guessing :)

Anonymous | Fri, 07/06/2007

Woow Caitlyn.

I've never read a bunch of stuff on the writer's pages....but I think i may start now. That was pretty much AWESOME. =]

Anonymous | Fri, 07/06/2007


Wow-wee! Keep on writing, thats an Awsome(!!!!!!)
storie. I love it!

Hannah | Mon, 07/23/2007


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