A Poem By Caleb // 10/8/2019

I carry a slipper of glass,
A memory cold from my past,
A wonder of sparkling delight
That suddenly fled from my sight.

The hands of the shattering clock
Break all spells and all memories mock,
But one thing is yet left to me,
And I carry that glass-fragile key.


I love the clear simplicity

I love the clear simplicity of this. It's an under-explored perspective.

Mary | Thu, 10/10/2019

Brother: Your character should drive a motorcycle.
Me: He can't. He's in the wilderness.
Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!

Thanks for commenting. There

Thanks for commenting. There are a lot of fairy tales where a prince will seemingly completely forget about his beloved, and then some token will bring her back to his mind.

Identifying the princess, and remembering the princess are two things that can be intertwined in one token.

Caleb | Sat, 10/12/2019

And he was just wondering, for he was a severe critic of his own work, whether that last line couldn't be polished up a bit...
~P.G. Wodehouse


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