Charlotte L. Kings

Age: 24

Favorite word(s): imaginaton, invigorate, ghost, delirious

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

so here it like it or not...

i'm the sorta person you can't sterotype i'm shy, but like standing out. i don't like violence  but i WILL defend myself and will more then likely hurt you terribly.  i like gypsy skirts and combat boots. (no not together). you get the point.....

i like laughing and making others do so. in my opinion i'm good with advise and  listen well so if you need any help...  i live for the arts. music (miranda lambert, dixie chicks, daughtry, paramore, mozart), poetry (emily dickinson, edgar allen poe, maya angelou), fiction (grimm brothers, charles de lint, becca fitzpatrick), you name it. i believe in God, ghosts, karma/fate, astrology, extra terrestrial (once again) you name it. i don't tolerate hypocrites, backstabbers, giver upers, powertrips, bullies, and/or idiotitcy. i'm th middle child of five. i have three sisters, -two whom i share my room with-  and one brother. my mom is a brillient and patient teacher as well as a smart understanding mother.  i love them, are annoyed by and close with them.  i want to be a writer, artist, and  travel through europe and live in a 1800's a blue victorian house with a wraparound porch and a turret. 

p.s. that's my pen name up there.


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