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Age: 25

Favorite word(s): Commiserate, laugh, beautiful, epic, lullibye, happiness, dream, color, smile, supercalifragilisticexpealidoshus...among others :)

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

Why me? 

I'm very crazy.

I am a writer. I have been for a long time and probably always will be.

I'm the third of nine kids.

I live in a small town in Minnesota like, 20 feet from the church, in an old convent!

I am a Roman Catholic (VIVO CHRISTO REI!).

I have some of the best friends in the world.

I am an artist.

I have a blog where I basically am random and use it as writing practice.

I love movies and pickles and bacon.

Current favorites:

Movie: Tangled <3

Food: Soup

Person: Jesus...but other that Him, my mom or Steve : ).

Pasttime: Writing, being with people I love, drawing, laughing

Color: I can never decide. Blue/green//purple/orange

Place: Hmm...the NET Center, probably : ).

Moments in my life: That moment she leaned over and cried, her beautiful hair falling onto the floor, and I truly felt that something was REAL. And than when I fell to the floor, and they caught me, and I experienced deepest love. And that awkward phone call on the bus...thanks Jalyssa : ).

Current dream I'm chasing: To love and be loved. To fix what I've broken. To discover myself. To get that job at Dairy Queen (lol). To love even though I might break my heart. Because loving is worth it.

"That's the good part, I guess. You get to go find a new dream."

-- Eugene Fitzherbert

Keep chasing the will set you free.

God bless you!





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