Hate and Love

A Poem By Damaris Ann // 2/17/2016

This life is like a road we walk,
And as we walk along we talk
Of unseen things and things above,
Of things below like hate and love.
But hate and love are heav'nly, too;
My God hates sin; I do, do you?
Do you show love along the way,
Make sacrifices every day?
For that is love; you'll see, 'tis true,
God loved the world, and me, and you
Enough to give His only Son,
He ransomed every chosen one.
He died on the cross:
Suffered pain, not loss,
To hold us and keep us,
To save us, redeem us.
Travel this road with vigilance;
Plead not for grace in ignorance.
Remember how He gave His life:
Gave freely for your love, not strife.


Great rhythm in this,

Great rhythm in this, Damaris! Again, this also has a lovely message. Your word choice in a couple of lines is really innovative as well.

"Travel this road with vigilance;
Plead not for grace in ignorance."

I love that!

Madeline | Wed, 02/17/2016


Thank you very much!
Your comments are so wonderful. :) makes my day.

Damaris Ann | Wed, 02/17/2016

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


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