Life's Shores

A Poem By Damaris Ann // 10/26/2014

God is always in control,
Watching faithfully over every soul;
Joyfully on our way we should roll.

Most of the time the rocks are rough,
That means our feet should really be tough;
Calloused, used to trouble, sure enough.

Calloused doesn't mean uncaring,
We should always be bewaring;
With temptations our paths are sharing.

For easy paths we should not lust,
Lessons God teaches us are just;
In bad and good trust Him we must.

If on life's shores you find a safe cove,
Rest a little, do not onward shove;
God placed it there to show His love.

Over the past we should not repine,
For the future we must not whine;
Everything is part of God's design.


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