To My Future, Or Not

A Poem By Damaris Ann // 10/22/2014

Ne're a day goes by
That I don't close my eyes
And sigh, wishing you were here.
But God knows the future
Just like He knows the past;
And even if I don't understand,
God still has a perfect plan.
He holds today and tomorrow:
Just like He held yesterday,
His Divine will is perfect,
And in my weakness He strengthens me.
I can have joy even when I cry for you,
And I can sleep in peace at night.
I know that I may see you someday,
Even if someday isn't tomorrow,
Someday farther in the future,
Even if someday never comes.
I know that you are happy now,
God has been good to you.
But He's been good to me, too.
I've grown so much
Since I first thought of you;
Physically and Spiritually,
And in it all God has shown me
How to trust Him in everything.


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