The Peak (In between the valley and the plateau)

Fiction By Damaris Ann // 8/22/2016

I climbed further: the end was in sight. I reached the top of the peak; only to cry out in disappointment. There was yet another valley before my eyes. This was not the end. Night was falling, and I had no hope of making it to the plateau.
As the sand crumbled beneath my feet while giving way to the low lands of the valley I fell to my knees and cried out, and I heard my voice echo back from the darkness beyond.
"Why did You bring me here, only to let me end up in this bitter darkness? I cannot see; I cannot understand. What are You trying to teach me?"
A storm was raging inside my heart. Winds of doubt tore through me and swept with them my mustard seed of faith.
Then from the depths of the valley I heard a Still Small Voice.
"Peace, be still."
The storm inside my heart was calmed. I saw a small light flicker and glow ahead of me and knew that I was not alone.
Truth and Charity were hand-in-hand before me, and I knew that I must press on; even if I couldn't see clearly where to place my steps.


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