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A Poem By Damaris Ann // 10/23/2015

Your life has a purpose
Don't ever complain
You must push ahead
Your grumblings are vain
God's given you this day
You must make it your own
All you do and say
Is heard at the throne

Your body is a temple
Please keep it clean
Furnish with fear, tremble
For God is your king
Purify and make way
Sacrifice your desires of self
Clean them all out
Every one on the shelf

Without love you have nothing
No charity, no peace
Be love to others
All strife will cease
Show them the fruit
Of a loved and loving child
Live the gospel for them
Have love reconciled

This is the gospel of Jesus
A holy Son sent to die
He had a great love for us
He suffered wrath in our place
Forsaken by His Father
Betrayed by His friends
Giving forgiveness and love
And a kingdom that never ends

He is the Author
Who am I to complain
The mystery will be solved
He's proved Himself again
There's life and death
And every story contains
Romance and truth
For the pretty or plain

Melody written by God
Music soft, pure and calm
Lyrics good and lyrics true
To my heart the sweetest balm
Message of grace and peace
Lyrics of truth, awe-inspiring
Not of darkness but light
In my heart this melody rings

When pain is all around
My heart grows cold
I pull against the reality
I let myself feel old
But in this I fight against You
My anger is wrong
I distrust when faith is a must
And forget that You make me strong

You give me strength to press on
Energy to walk as I go along
So joyfully I'll make my way
And praise You with my song
Fill me Lord, and help me see
The Light that You have given me
Fill me up and make me grow
Wash me whiter than the snow

On this path I grow so weary
Help me feel the joy You give
As I travel cold and dreary
Give me warmth and rest again
Help me feel Your loving presence
Help me never to complain
Let me trust your plans awaiting
Give me warmth and rest again

In the days of life eternal
I will see Your glory, Lord
I will fall and worship ever
With loud voice my praise afford
All to You will be surrendered
Glory, praise, and golden crown
Harps will sound and laud be rendered
Vanish every tear and frown



I did like the rhyming...which is unusual for me, because usually poorly rhymed poems just make me think of play school and preschool days :)

Maddi | Wed, 10/28/2015

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Oh I'm glad you liked it,

Oh I'm glad you liked it, Maddi. :) poorly rhymed poetry normally grates on my nerves (especially when it's written by me) but this set is rather close to my heart. :) thanks for your lovely comment!

Damaris Ann | Wed, 10/28/2015

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


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