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A Poem By Damaris Ann // 3/2/2015

Wonderful counselor, almighty God;
Beginning and ending: creator of time.
You are the comforter and the rod;
Yet your punishment is deserved by far.
Your grace reaches farther than I imagine,
Your truth will be upheld through trials.
Though your truth threatens my life
I will remain true, by your grace I will stand.
I want to feel Your peace, know Your love,
I want to understand Your grace,
To use my life for Your glory; to save a life,
Lay down my liberty, if I need to.
When I think of the murder of babies,
See the fingers raised against me,
Lying through their teeth they say they care
But they still called the cops, oh no,
I know they don't really care, not at all.
They say they're fine with what I'm doing
(Yeah, they lied again), what do I do?
Stop standing up for the truth? No!!!
Lord, use my voice and my actions, please.
Use them for Your glory and praise.
Help me to stand firm no matter what,
Help me to be courageous for the faith.

Sooooo, last week was a long week. I was going to write an essay about it but essays are not really my forte. I'm just going to explain what inspired me to write this (awful) poem.
Okay so my brother and I try to go to a local planned parenthood center every Friday with a few friends and hold some scriptural signs that speak against abortion. We also (my friend Bekah and I) take turns stepping out and trying to get someone to stop and take some information about abortion and maybe about birth control (which is an abortifacient). Last Friday I did all of the stepping out because it was my turn and because I wanted to. Last week when Bekah had been doing the stopping and talking the security guard came out and told us some boundaries because a doctor had gotten really upset with us.
Well this week I noticed that the same security guard was watching me through the window. It was a slow day and I had only been able to give one packet of information out to a worker going in and then two gospel tracts to some people that walked by. At one point a guy that had dropped off his (girlfriend/wife/it's complicated, whatever) was pulling out and I stepped onto the crosswalk to see if he would take a tract but I realized that he couldn't see me and that I was standing where he needed to turn so I stepped back for the sake of safety and let him go. Not a minute later a police officer walked up to me and said that I had stepped onto the property of the clinic and that I was getting a warning. He said that if I so much as touched the pavement again I would be arrested. He took my phone number, my home address, my name, and birth date. He said he wasn't going to give me a written warning but stick around and watch me. What?! He even told me that the clinic people told him that they were completely fine with me being out there doing what I was doing but that they are concerned about my safety. Yeah right. When I was called down I had stepped onto the crosswalk. That's PUBLIC property!!! He also said that if I waited to step out again 'til he had left then the security guard would call it in and I would get a written warning and THEN if I did it again I would get arrested whether or not the police officer actually saw me or not.
Being a woman I was able to hide my real emotions and be polite and respectful to the officer but after he left and I was trying to tell my brother what was going on (he had been on the other side of the clinic driveway) I couldn't hold it any longer and I broke down crying. Not sad tears, tears of ANGER. And I don't remember ever being that angry in my life. Not angry at the officer, angry at the Myers that work at the planned parenthood center. I realize that I wasn't having a very Christian attitude about it and I have now forgiven them. Or at least I'm trying to. :)
So, that was probably (actually for sure) the most traumatic experience that I have ever been through. When I go again this Friday I am going to try and get a police officer to come and chalk out the lines so that I know exactly where I can step out without breaking the law. I will NOT stand down from the truth. With God's grace I will continue to go and stand up for truth every Friday. Please pray that if I wind up getting arrested I will have an opportunity to witness to more people. God can use bad things for good! I just pray that He can use me.



I hope you don't get arrested!
This was all very interesting. I'll pray for you :)

Maddi | Mon, 03/09/2015

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Thanks, Maddi! I hope I don't

Thanks, Maddi!
I hope I don't get arrested, too. :) prayers are really appreciated. I wasn't able to go last week because we had a friend's wedding that we attended, and there was too much to do to get ready, but I'm hoping to go this Friday.

Damaris Ann | Mon, 03/09/2015

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


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