You Can Run

A Poem By Damaris Ann // 6/7/2015

Run, yeah run, just as fast as you can,
God will still catch you if it's in His plan.
You can run for a long time or you can sit still;
But you can't hide from God, or from His will.
You can run like a coward or you can stand bold
But God in His might will have His story told.
So stand up tall and always be brave:
Never forget how He conquered the grave.
Spread the gospel far and wide: in every land
'Till His children all rest at His holy right hand.


Very nice, concise rhythm on

Very nice, concise rhythm on this one. I like a lot of the lines--they're bold and powerful, and the whole piece is very melodic. There's only one line in particular that cause a bit of a hiccup:

So stand up tall and always be brave

I feel like that line needs another syllable to even it out. Otherwise, this is perfect! Great job! :)

Madeline | Sun, 06/07/2015

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Thank you Homey! Yes that

Thank you Homey!
Yes that line tripped me up a bit, I'll see if I can change it a bit to fix the rhythm. I just realized that I never answered your comment on my Confidence post; so sorry! I found it really sweet and encouraging. I was just reading over a bunch of my old posts and all of your comments are so helpful and sweet. :) Thank you for taking time to encourage me on all of those posts!

Damaris Ann | Mon, 06/08/2015

God uses the milestones as stepping stones to bring us closer to Him. We may not see it in the moment, but we can always look back and see the memorials of His love in the crumbles of our stumbling blocks.


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