Love Your Neighbor

A Poem By Dan // 8/3/2014

Billions flood churches, St. Peter’s Basilica is full,
Sitting in the services, humans ignore the painful.
Preaching prosperity, good feelings, and victory,
Churchgoers decide to ignore the appalling.

The world is fighting, and governments are abusing,
People are dying, without of Christ’s love learning.
All the while worshippers raise their hands, singing of His love forever,
Blocking out what’s in the newsstands, getting deafer and deafer.

Church and politics don’t mix, is the age-old cry,
We’d rather just get our spiritual fix, I mean; who cares about our or other’s rights?
150 million engaged in child labor, that’s not our problem,
Better to disregard the beggars, or anything that to bless you’d have to use your income.

AIDs, wars, and terrorism plague our world,
Sitting in our couches, we watch it all unfurl,
We don’t have time to help, tomorrow is Sunday,
Got to attend church, make sure that our souls don’t decay.

The fact is, we’re already dead inside, not helping even if we can,
Sure, we keep the Sabbath day holy, but forget about the man with the withered hand.
Clothing the poor and feeding the hungry is somehow lost,
Doing for the “least of these” is tossed.

It’s time to stop amassing riches, keeping them for “God’s glory”,
It’s time to help the widow and the orphan, to truly be holy.
Share with others the Bible on your bookshelf,
Love your neighbor as yourself.

Mark 12:31
Matthew 25:34-36


This is amazing. I can't

This is amazing. I can't believe that no one has commented on it yet! The story in it is awesome, and it makes us see how sick our country/world is getting. We are so worried about child labor, women's rights, making money, "going green", and feeding the kids in Africa, but we won't even open our eyes to the fact that there are people in our own country that need help (spiritual and physical), and most disgusting and pitifully of all, the fact that we are murdering our own children (the sin of abortion).
God bless!

Damaris Ann | Mon, 08/25/2014

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.