Unauthorized Resistance (Part 1)

Fiction By Dan // 3/30/2012

Caleb Olastar could hear his own breath. It was so quiet in the underground basement that served as headquarters for the Resistance. The Council all stared at him, bewildered that this little red haired hacker wanted to execute such an audacious idea. After about five minutes of pondering on the Council's part, the Headmaster spoke,

"Well then, would you think the benefits outwheigh the costs if this plan were put into action?"

"Sir, think about it, the only number of people we would risk losing is one, and by eliminating the so called 'President', the ONS world order would be in total chaos, and then we would wipe out their army." Caleb took a breath before continuing, "Besides, we all know what would happen if we keep waiting for something to happen..."

Caleb enjoyed the astounded faces of the members of the Council, all looked bewildered except one, the Headmaster. He was an old man, stooped and wrinkled, with a dull stare, and no one had seen him smile since the tyrant Katlego Edgar took over the United Nations and start his One Nation Society, an attempt to bring the whole world under his domain.

" Mr. Olastar, I'm not afraid of losing men, but I am afraid of losing information. How can you guarantee that we won't lose what's valuable?" the Headmaster leaned forward as he said this. Caleb pondered this awhile amd then finally spoke:

" Members of the council, I will personally contract someone that has no knowledge of us, and pay him to eliminate the President. Thus of our agent is captured in the proccess, he will have nothing to say, for he will know nothing." Caleb smiled as he finished his last sentence. With no thought at all, the Council unanimously decided to execute this plan. Caleb felt great as he walked out of the hidden building in an unknown city somwhere in the northern part of Canada.


Francis Anderson was running outside. There was finnaly a sunny day in his neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas. He felt the sun on his face and the grass in between his toes. In three days was his eleventh birthday, and he could not wait to celebrate it with his friend and family. Times were hard on the Anderson family, as it was for most of the familys since the ONS had taken over eight-five percent of the world. In 2074,Francis remembered, they were still having good times, that was actually the year they had visited Disney World for the first time, but it also marked the year when Katlego Edgar started his One Nation Society world order. After that everything went downhill for the Andersons, for anyone, actually, that was below Elite status, times were hard. Pollution killed many people nowadays, it killed Francis' younger brother at birth. Francis knew he was with Jesus now, but he stilled missed him. Now in 2081, ONS had reached over half the globe, and had destroyed millions of lives in their invasions. Francis' neighboorhood was deserted, only about seven families were still living here, and only three of those families attended the Anderson's weekly Bible study. Kansas City was still under siege from ONS soldiers, and could be seen walking the streets and shooting 'dissenters.' Francis threw his paper airplane into the air, and followed it with his eyes until it landed in the middle of the street. About a block and half up the road, unbeknownst to Francis, a ONS trooper truck was speeding down the road at about seventy miles per hour. Francis was running out into the middle of the road as the truck turned the corner and sped towards him.


Caleb caught the first plane to the United States he could find. He didn't even check where it was headed to until he was actually on the plane. He had no idea how he possibly got past the ONS peacekeepers with his SIG P226 in his inside coat pocket. Must have been some technical failure with the scanner. The plane he was on, he later found out, was headed to Kansas City, not the best city to search for an assasin, but it was a start. As the plane flew through the clouds, a flight attendant, whose name tag read 'Terri', came up to him.

" Hello sir, you know who I am, because the council decided it."

Caleb was  confused at first, but then noticed it was the code to see if the person you were talking to was part of the Resistance.

" Hello Terri, the Council only decided it because the Headmaster loves Canada."

After hearing the confirmation, Terri then proceeded to give him a piece of paper, which he took. Terri then left to attend another person sitting behind him. As Caleb read the paper, his eyes went wider and wider. It read:

" Whatever you do, do not board any planes on their way to the United States for the next four days. - Resistance Intelligence."

Caleb then swiveled around to see what was the situation on the plane. He was dumbfounded to see that there was only one person on the plane other than him and Terri. He gripped the handle of his SIG as the person sitting behind him looked up and smiled at him. The person then stood up and started walking toward him. Caleb abruptly stood up also.

" Hello there... And what brings you to Kansas City?" asked the mysterious person, who Caleb was now convinced was a ONS agent.

" Um, personal business." responded Caleb. Suddenly the agent lunged at him with a six inch knife.

" You have no business going to Kansas City!!!" the agent screamed. Caleb instinctivly dodged the knife by jumping to the left while pulling out his handgun. At the other end of the corrider, Terri also pulled out a gun and pointed it at the agent which was now standing up. The agent laughed maniacally,

" You think you can beat ONS??? You will never prevail! And your resistance will be wiped out, never to be seen again!" After saying this the Agent ripped open his coat to reveal a time bomb strapped to his chest. Terri gasped, twenty seconds left on the timer! Caleb shot two rounds at the man, one on the head and the other to the chest, both hit their mark and the man went tumbling backwards and hit the cockpit door. With seven seconds left on the bomb, Caleb ran into Terri and tackled her into a back storage room of the plane. The bomb went off.


Blair Anderson heard the scream and came running out to see a ONS truck driving extremly fast away from their home. She broke down as she saw in the street what used to be her son, now completely run over. She ran to him, sobbing and screaming in agony. She picked up Francis in her arms and cried over him.

"God why!? How could you let this happen!?!?!"

She picked up her son's body and slowly trudged back into her home.


To be continued in Part 2.


What, is that all? Francis

What, is that all? Francis can't be dead! and I know that Caleb will survive, right?!?

Arthur | Sun, 04/08/2012

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."


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