The History of Ithton

Fiction By David // 12/30/2013

   Although the lands of Malto were only three continents, one had not yet been discovered. The one known to all is Miir, at the time things were rough. Tasland, Reyiposh, Brictoni, and Froltsen were at a long and sad war. Quoten Busiey did a very good job of staying out of the war; they were more of a peace going country.

   About a hundred and seven years before the war, Quoten Busiey sent ships out to explore. When they first saw land, they thought it was a small peninsula off of Fraltsen. But when they came to land there was no sign of civilization. The next day they walked miles and found wild savages with long mustaches and big battle axes. These men did not have castles but lived in villages of stone huts. They didn’t use horse to ride on, but rather had them to pull their chariots. They also found Nuffs.

   In this world there are different kinds of peoples: dwarfs, humans, nuffs, and others you will eventually hear of. Dwarves are short stocky men with big beards. A fully grown dwarf can be four to five feet tall. The mountain dwarves are generally shorter and have bigger beards; they mine deep in the mountain seeking great riches. The taller shorter-bearded dwarves are a sea people; they make their homes and forts upon the waters and sea cliffs. Full grown nuffs are slightly taller than men; they usually have slim bodies and faces, black hair, blue or green eyes, and very smooth bright faces. The female nuffs hair usually reaches down to their knees, while the males keep their hair short. Nuffs are forest dwellers, living in large hollowed-out trees.

   The nuffs were thought to have died out hundreds of years ago, but this was just one of the great discoveries that the explorers made. They also found unmined tunnels of emerald and forest of great stag and boar. Thus, they named the large island Ithton, meaning “of great riches”.

Although this information is short, you will find out a lot more in the story to come.



Good job David, and welcome to AP. This reminds me of LOTR. But, of course, most stories that have to do with mythical lands do. :P So keep writing, my brother. :)

Susannah | Mon, 12/30/2013

"Even if the sun crashes into earth, I won't let go, I won't let go. I can be your light, stay with me tonight, I won't let go, I won't let go."


Welcome to Apricotpie!

I'm looking forward to seeing what this story is going to be like...

Arthur | Thu, 01/02/2014

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."

Nice job on the intro (could

Nice job on the intro (could never get the hang of that, tho) :D Oh yeah, welcome to le AP.

j. Glen pollard | Fri, 01/03/2014

"The trip is a difficult one. I will not be myself when I reach you."-When I Reach Me.


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