Golden Days and Golden Nights

A Poem By Devangi // 4/6/2008

I once wanted a dream
I wanted it fulfilled
A tower of money
At my feet.

A great many servants
A huge palace
I only wanted
Golden days and Golden Nights.

I remember those days
When I pretended to be
A fairy or a princess
With royalty in my kin.

But what I got was
The half of a burger
Forget about royalty
I don't have any kin.

What laughable days
They now seem
I can't believe
I used to imagine those things.

Now all I get
Is barely a meal a day
And friends who proved to be
Nothing more than enemies.

How ridiculous and absurd
Those days now seem
I've barely got enough money
To pay my bill.

Do I deserve this pain?
Do I deserve this life?
When all I get
Is a bunch of lies.

I never imagined that
Life would be so mean
But then again
I thought life was a dream.

I wanted that dream
I wanted it fulfilled
I only wanted
Golden days and Golden nights.


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