A Prayer for the Soldiers

A Poem By Edith // 6/26/2007

Guns roaring
The day is wet
Airplanes soaring
And their speeding jets.
The men sit down to say
Their prayers each day
Before they rise
Before they eat
Before they fight
Before they sleep.

Fighting for our Country
They try to survive
Yearning for freedom
Giving back our lives
Pray for them
Son or friend
Father or cousin
Because they defend
A world so bright
Learning to fight.

Giving us a chance so we can stay
They die for us each day.
So if you don’t believe
The terror of war
Have you never seen
Someone killed before?
Not a joyful sight
Nor sad, later on,
They went to Heaven
The prayerful one!

It has been going on
For years, and now
We ask ourselves
“Why” and “How?”
They might come back –
– We might never see…
Not able to live again happily
They suffer, and go away
Loving each other in every day
Learning and yearning
For peace and peace ALWAYS.


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