A True Sacrifice

A Poem By Edith // 7/2/2007

How did You, O God
Walk that rocky road?
With the worlds sin upon Your head
And hear the lies they told?

I wonder if you even thought
Once about Your pain
Or did You think of me, dear God
Of all my sin and shame?

Of all the steps You took
All for sin, and me
Every step – every pebble
Meant closer to Calvary.

How many times do we
Think of that each day
Excuses are all we give
Excuses are all we say.

I wonder if You thought of me
All throughout Your life
Knowing that I would sin
And pierce You with the knife.

O, and think, what about Her?
Sweet Mother, sweet Maid,
The one who cradled You in Her arms
Now placing Him where He is to be laid.

But She watched Her Son
Being whipped and nailed
And She watches us, dear friends,
When we have only failed.

I wonder, sweet Mother Mary,
Did You think of me too?
I will do better now!
Because all love comes through You.

Pilate’s words: “Ecce Homo! Rex Judaeorum!”
She heard it clear, ringing in the crowd
But He told us He would rise in three days
And that is what He vowed.

“He was despised and rejected
A man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.”
Yet Christ never spoke a word of suffering
Nor can He sin, like the bad thief.

I wonder now, when the Roman soldiers
Had nailed You to the cross
Dud You think of me then?
O dear Lord, You did it all for us.

Then they cried: “Are you the King of the Jews?
Save yourself and show us you are Him!”
But Jesus only prayed, and loved His Father
He sacrifices for our lives and our sin.


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