'Ave Maria, gratia plena'

A Poem By Edith // 6/26/2007

I heard a song one early bright morning
As I lie across the grass to pray
It sounded like angels voices
“Ave Maria, gratia plena” is what they say.

Then there came a large chorus
Like millions of angels upon the ground
I could see them and their harps of gold
Silver roses sprouted round them, I found.

The voices rang on, filling the air with sweetness
Then I saw a light, coming from where I stood
A woman more beautiful than ever
Too beautiful to explain… I would if I could!

Her gown was white, her shawl was blue
Pink flowers were placed at her feet
I gasped in amazement at this beautiful sight
She said, “Child, finally, we meet.”

“I ask you, do you love God, my little one?”
She asked me as I gazed at the light
“What is your name, miss, and where are you from?”
I asked her with fright.

But I got no answer from this woman
She just stepped closer and reached out her hand
Who can she be, this beautiful lady?
I asked myself, but she just said, “I am your friend.”

“Follow me, and you will find love.
Follow me to joy above.
Take my hand, and I shall lead you on
Across the green, green, grass upon.”

I hesitated and closed my eyes
This was a stranger with whom I was to go
But suddenly I felt a hard jolt
Shaken with fear or love, I did not know.

I followed her, something told me
For she was too beautiful to leave
“Where are we going?” I asked
But she just answered, “Believe!”

And as we walked, we walked on far
Some distance together
I felt such peace; such love and beauty
I wished it to last forever!

Then we came to three paths:
“CHOOSE, my little one.”
And my eyes fell upon the roads.
“Choose the correct, and you shall find my Son.”

I saw the left road was smooth and flat
No hard paths ran along
All was clean and clear
I found nothing wrong.

Then I looked beyond that one road
And saw something I did not know
It was such pain, hatred, torture and fear,
That road I would not go.

The middle road was bumpy at times,
But every now and then it smoothed out
It was smooth, then rough, then smooth again
The road changed quite often as I looked about.

Then I looked beyond that confusing road
And saw something I did not know
It was a cleansing but very painful fire
Still, that road I would not go.

The right road was hard and stiff
The hills were steep and high
There were bloodstains on the road
But a light was in the sky.

Then I looked beyond that hard road
And saw what made me leap
It was such freshness, grace and peace!
That was the road I would keep!

I found pain; my hands and knees were bloodied
I took a step, and fell upon the brick and thorn
But all the way through, the pretty lady was at my side
When I was tired, when I was hurt, when I was worn.

I climbed for miles, and fell almost every step
I cut my hands and skinned my knees
I wiped the sweat from my face
As I passed along the green leaves and trees.

Then I stopped, for I saw something – hard to explain
In the middle I saw a Throne made of wood
There was sunlight, but silver droplets of rain
I saw a man sitting upon it, and I raised my hood.

I walked on closer, but fire rose before me
And a black flame devoured the sight
No more could I see!
Then I looked, and found myself right
For this journey was the story of my past life.

I realized my faults, and tears came falling down
I saw the beautiful woman standing in her gown
I wept and kissed her feet and cried aloud in shame,
“Mother, save me! Save me from this pain!”

And as she said a word my hearing went
I saw the flame disappear
As the road behind me bent
And there was nothing I could hear.

“Come with me, my little one
Come and follow the Truth.
For if you follow My way and His
You will receive the Blessed Fruit.”
That is what she said
And I followed.

Then I entered a door
It was more beautiful than I can tell you!
I passed angels and Saint Peter
And I knew it was all true.
I was home, with them together
This Home I would stay forever.

I heard a song one early bright morning
As I lie across the grass to pray
It sounded like angels voices
“Ave Maria, gracia plena” is what they say.


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