Before the Tabernacle

A Poem By Edith // 8/11/2007

Marble floor reflection against the brightness
Wooden kneelers smooth with lightness
Stained glass windows of Virgin so mild
Hearts beating with love towards Her Child
Silver embroidered, the glittering like rain
Crucifix and dying Christ expression of pain
Purity of white cloth, red of blood and old
Presence so loving, arms to enfold
Beads of wood in trembling fingers
Walking, praying, a woman lingers
Mantilla draped like a veil of truth
Uncertainty in the eyes of the youth
Strong faith, strong hope, strong love
Never doubting the grace from above
Reaching out and holding close, firm
Bleeding heart, near, a burn
Recurring images, thoughts of our sin
Reality nears, holding us within
Truly, we know and understand where
What we will soon become out there
Who we are to follow, whom we are to trust
Mourning to return, crying with such lust
Marble floor reflecting the face
The true being, like no other human race
Naked heart, unknown thoughts, sinful self
Pride and avarice, selfishness and wealth
Wooden kneelers standing strong
Stained soul – who she was in the wrong
Beating hearts with love – oh love!
Never doubt the grace from above
Silver embroidered, the tears like rain
There He lies cold, his face in such pain
Hands, knees, side pierced, yet His expression just the same.


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