A Poem By Edith // 6/4/2007

It’s life is on its own pages
It is full of love, and sometimes hatred
It whispers into my ears whenever I sleep
It calms my fears whenever I weep.

I call it a friend, because it can be so dear to me.
But sometimes not, sometimes it is to free.
It can hurt me deeply, or love me true
It can tell me things of old or new.

It can be so light, but so heavy at times
It can rust like an old fence, or it can shine.
It can tell me the truth, or lie in my face
It can spit me out or it can embrace.

It is full of fear, but can be full of safety
“Read me now!” it always tells me.
It can have such evil, such hatred and sin
But it always has good in it, and the good always win.

It holds onto time
I am proud to call it mine
It lifts so high or drops so low
It can begin so fast and end so slow.

I love to hear its wrinkling, the turn of its pages
I can see its worlds, its life, love, and faces.
I love to feel the smoothness of its cover against my palms
It breathes in my face when I open it, and grips my arms.

I hold it tight as I travel through its mountains and hills
Passing along Castles and houses and mills
I fly through its clouds; soar through its sky
Walk inside the dark forests, or climb the rocks so high.

I battle against the strongest knights
Defeat all enemies in the evil fights.
I enter the Palace doors, and bow before the King
As he takes my hand and kisses my ruby ring.

I walk among dryads, ride upon centaurs
I sit in the breeze and stare at the wavy shores.
I walk in the moonlight and sniff the cool air
But I must remember my duty,
For life is not always as peaceful and fair.

I can be a fairy or knight, or I can sit and be a royal Queen.
I can be a horse, or the dog of a prince, or even a magic bean.
I can be a wizard, I can be a dwarf, I can be a man or an elf,
I can be an evil villain, or I can just be myself.

I can be the wizard Merlin, and fight against wrong,
I can be King Arthur! And sit and rule upon my throne.
I can be Aragorn, the King of Gondor
I can be the steward Denathor, always wanting more.

I can be the Black Prince of the Inkworld, with his big fuzzy bear
I can be Dustfinger the fire-eater! Or his pet marten with all the hair.
I can dream of Narnia, and be Queen Susan the Kind
Or Queen Lucy the Valiant – the magic wardrobe she did find.

I can be Sherlock Holmes, and solve most mysterious cases
I can be Doctor Watson and look for mysterious faces
I can be Phileas Fogg and travel the world in eighty days
I can be his servant, Passepartout, “Wi, monsieur” He always says.

I can be Ness the Irish lass, who was captured by the proud Beorn,
Or I can be the evil crew, and blow the Viking horn
I can be the genius Artemis Fowl, and know almost everything
Or I can be Holly Short, with fairy gold to bring.

I can be the Thief Lord himself, and run from house to house
I can be Bo or Hornet, or even the theatre mouse
I can be as smart as Kim, with her radio and key
Or I can be as wise as Mark, her fiancé.

I can be Lizzy, and stop Mrs. Bennet from being rude
Or I can be Mr. Bennet, “And yet, I am unmoved!”
I can be the detective, Miss Marple, and go about my business
Or I can be the detective, M. Poirot – always restless.

I can be Obi-Wan Kenobi, a powerful and good Jedi
Or I can be an Ewok in the forests, being shy.
I can be Nellie Oleson, and put on a show,
Or I can be Laura, and marry Almanzo.

All these places, all these things,
All this Fantasy, and that it brings,
Faith and hope and Love
Rivers and dreams and birds and doves.

All confined each in a book, a story that tells it all
Like my life the pen never stops in my mind, even if I fall.
All upon something light, shiny and so thin
All is written, all has stayed… all is kept within.


Your writing is just so good.

Edith, I am seriously wondering why practically no one commented on your work here! You are such a talented poet!!! I read your wonderful poem about your dad and a few others besides this one. I especially loved the one about a pianist and her teacher...and this one I love even more. So true and I loved all the examples of what book characters you could be. I practically loved every single line in this poem. I was extremely satisfied when you mentioned about the Queens of Narnia. Though I wish you mentioned something about Anne of Green Gables. ;) I just can't stop raving about your are just so so gifted in writing poetry!!!

p.s. Sorry, I couldn't help but use so many exclamation points.

Lucy Anne | Wed, 08/01/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson