A Poem By Edith // 6/26/2007

One night while sitting at a desk,
And breathing in cool air
I heard a cry from afar in the woods
The place where fools live and none care.

I looked around out of the corner of my eye
I dare not move or sound
This cry was a deathly cry
Of a creature that wants to be found.

Turning around and standing up
I shivered and held my breath
Still cold my body was from fear
A fear much closer than death.

Soon the cry came louder
And closer to my ears
I heard the tiny droplets
Of flowing blood and tears.

I turned around again
To see the visitors face
But what I saw and what I heard
Was of no earthly race.

Its eyes were swelled up deep
And hair as burned as fire
It was crying and in deep pain
And its body as thin as wire.

But beneath the sorrowful eyes
I saw reverence, worship and esteem,
I ventured deeper into those eyes again
And saw its bright lighting beam.

Suddenly there was a jolt
Coming from near above,
The creature smiled and turned away,
Its face as smooth as love.

Until this day, I know not what
What cry and creature was here,
But Heaven’s Angel’s rolled the thunder on
And gone was that sense of fear.


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