The Maiden of Stone

Fiction By Edith // 6/1/2007

A maiden of stone did softly sit,
In a courtyard of the same,
Her hands clasped tightly on her lap,
Her head bowed down in pain.

A scarlet bird sang sweetly,
Upon her shoulders to cheer,
Though many a song did it sing,
The maiden did not hear.

Grey clouds clashed in the sky,
Roaring for her to flee,
Then a noise like thunder cried out-loud,
But the maiden did not see.

Thunder roared and lightning struck,
Soft rain came drizzling down,
Rolling swiftly along her cheeks,
The maiden could only frown.

Life itself came and wept,
Crying for her to live,
Only the maiden would not turn,
And no answer would she give.

The sun set and the sky grew dark,
So chilly was the night,
The moon shone bright above the trees,
And the maiden sat in its light.

Then the maiden rose from where she sat,
And made her way to the outside wall,
There she closed her teary eyes,
Her voice lifted in a feeble call.

Mother, father, sister, brother,
Husband, daughter, son-
All heard the song that night,
Which from the maiden’s mouth did come.

Then a bell rang out-loud,
And the night air heated,
Bloody shouts came from the gate,
And torture they repeated.

The moon hid and the sky grew dark,
Invisible the courtyard grew,
Clenching wrists the maiden sighed,
Frightened or brave – no one knew.

Soon time said “next”,
And the animals looked around,
It was shining once again,
But the maiden was no where found.

No one knows what happened,
Nor why she disappeared,
It was just that breezy fall night,
It was death they most feared.

How did this happen,
And come upon her so rushed?
It was just that breezy fall night,
But forever will the wood be hushed.


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