The Morning Star

A Poem By Edith // 6/1/2007

The weather was thick in the chops of the Channel
And a filthy night had come upon them.
The clouds piled high in the north-east
And the winds brought rain upon the men.

The low sky and racing clouds brought thunder
There she stood drifting with the wind and sea
Tossing her about here and there
With nothing but the black ocean to see.

She found the Mortis battered and worn
Her mainmast crushed and deprived of her rudder
Cries of the living suffering and pain
Giving the human man his mind a shudder.

The Captain lifted his spyglass and looked about
“All hands beat to quarters!” Came the call upon deck,
As the crew scuttled to do their duties
“Forestaysail and full jib!” They trailed the wreck.

But as they neared the man-o-war, there came a bell afar
The Captain lifted his spyglass and looked around
Lieutenants and midshipmen quiet and prepared
But only the drifting water made a sound.

Twelve knots two fathom; the wind raced on
Then catching sight of sail flying away
And the unknown ship showed her teeth
There would be bloodshed today.

Hand to hand combat went the two active ships
Running alongside the other, the wild mêlée began
All men aboard her cried in rage,
As the ready and bloodied and wounded ran.

The sailors leaped across the yards to fight
Swivel guns and axes and sabers went flying
Marines stationed the quarterdeck and tops
As the good men and officers were dying.

The crew scuttled towards the gundeck set for danger
“FIRE!!!” The midshipman would roar
As pieces of hardwood splinters fly
And in the air the led did soar.

Upon the firing and cries the guns leapt back
Caught then by its heavy and breeching line
The guncrew seized the train tackle and heavy bars
Through the cracks they could see the sun shine.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Never such a battle was there ever fought.
No cowards stood aboard the Morning Star that day
And they reached the Mortis now in wrought.

The prize was theirs, and now the reward
The sea opened before them to sail together
The sky cleared and a ray of light shone through
They would sail the seas forever.


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