The First Week, Part 1

Fiction By Jackie West // 3/31/2010





 Part 1

(Lights on. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are sitting in the Banquet Hall, talking)

Lucy: This is so exciting!

Peter: Lucy, being a queen comes with difficult responsibilities.

Susan: I agree, Peter. Though logically… we shouldn’t be here.  Don’t you agree, Edmund?


Edmund: Of course I agree!

(Maid enters)

Maid: Your lunch is ready, your Highnesses.

Susan: Thank you.   

Maid: (curtsies) Yes, your Highness. 

(Kings and queens exit. Lights off. Lights on. They enter, sit, and eat.)

Peter: I say, that was a good dinner!

Susan: And the rolls were especially good.

Lucy: I liked the clam chowder best. What did you like best, Edmund?

Edmund: I liked the fruit jello best. (Eyes shining) It was delicious! (Notices others looking at him with strange expressions) What’s wrong?


Others: In Narnia, it’s jamoli, not jello, Edmund!

(Exit, lights off. Set up coffee table, made with a pillow and blanket. Lucy comes on and lies down. Others follow and lie down on the floor. Lights up.)

Lucy: (yawning) Get up, Susan! It’s a beautiful day.

Susan: I’m getting up. I’m getting up. Hey, get up, Ed! (She elbows Edmund)

Edmund: Ouch! Don’t elbow me. I want to get more sleep.

Susan: Remember, there is a ball tonight. We must get prepared.


Peter: (rolls over) I’m High King, Susan, so I’m not getting up. I’ll just sleep all I want. I don’t mind missing breakfast. I’ve done it a million times.


Lucy: (sings out) You just exaggerated!

Peter: (groans) Oh, you and your singing! (Rolls over and pulls his pillow over his head) 

Susan: Oh, you and your groaning!

Edmund: Oh, stop it, you two! Why can’t we just sleep in? I’m really tired.

Peter: I thought you were going to the Hall of Justice.

Susan: I did, too.

Edmund: (rolls over) I just remembered about the ball. I cannot go to the Hall of Justice, even if I want to (which I do NOT!!!!!)


Susan: Well, I hope you will all get up and get dressed. Lucy, what dress would you …?

Peter: Edmund!!!!!(Kicks Edmund, who had fallen back asleep) Get up!

Edmund: (rolls over, sleepy) Fine! I’m up! (Falls back asleep)

Peter: I MEAN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Picks Edmund up and drags him offstage)


(Enter, sit down.)

Lucy: Well, Where’s the food? All I see is an empty table.

Susan: Maybe the cook is sick.

Peter: If the cook were sick, we would have been alerted by now.

Edmund: Good point, Peter.

(Serving maid enters, carrying a platter of fruit)

Maid: The oatmeal will be coming soon, your Highnesses.

Peter: Oatmeal!

Susan: Thank you.

Lucy: Peaches! Delicious!

Edmund: Apples have never tasted so good!

Susan: Kiwis, Peter!

Peter: Oh, and?

Maid: We have all kinds of fruit here in Narnia, Your Highnesses.

Peter: No, thank you. I’m allergic to fruit.

Susan: Very funny, Peter! Please stop joking.

Peter: I’m serious, Susan.

(Exit, lights off. Clear stage. Susan and Lucy ride in on the rocking horse, Edmund and Peter follow. Lights on.)

Edmund: How long have we been hunting? I’m exhausted.

Peter: And? So am I. We’ve been hunting for three hours. No food.

Lucy: Yes, we have food.

Susan: Where?

Lucy: In the lunch basket, silly!

Susan: Very funny, Lucy!

Peter: We should hunt in a different spot.

(Ride offstage. Peter and Edmund walk off. Lights off. Set up stage with four chairs. Put on robes and crowns. Enter, sit down.)

Edmund: I’m hot.

Peter:  Have you noticed that it’s turned into a sweltering day?

Edmund: I’m hot.

Susan: Yes, I have noticed, Peter.

Edmund: I’m hot.

Lucy: Couldn’t we take our robes off?

Edmund: I’m hot.

Susan: You can stop saying that!

Edmund: Why?

Peter: Because she said so.

Lucy: Oh, stop arguing!

(Exit. Set up coffee table with a pillow and blanket. Edmund enters and lies down on the coffee table. Susan, Peter, and Lucy follow and lie down on the floor. Pretend to sleep. After a while, Lucy sits up and stretches. She hears the others snoring softly.)


Lucy: (loudly) Get up! Come on! Get up! (Tugs Peter’s arm) Get up, Peter!

Peter: Oh, go to sleep, Lu.

Lucy: Get up! I thought that we were going to explore the woods today. (Yanks Susan’s arm) Get up, Susan! (Pulls Edmund’s arm) Get up, Edmund! I thought that we were going to explore the woods today!


Edmund: (mumbles in his sleep) Go away, little bug.

Lucy: I’m not a bug, Edmund! Get up!  (Yanks Edmund offstage. Peter and Susan follow. Put on crowns and robes and crowns. Peter gets the breakfast basket and Susan the picnic blanket. Sit down, spread out food. Pretend to eat.)


Peter:  What?! Fried eggs and bacon for breakfast?! I thought that we were having cereal, Danish and doughnuts!


Susan: Peter, be grateful for your breakfast, or it will disappear!

Peter: You got that from a fairy-tale, and I know it!

Susan: No, I didn’t.

Peter: I know you did, so admit it.

Susan: No, I won’t.

Lucy: Let’s not start another argument!

Edmund: I’ll second that.

Peter: I guess I’ll third that.

Lucy: You will?

Peter: Of course I will!

Susan: Why don’t we eat?

(Pretend to eat. Pick up “ leftovers” and exit.



another prob..

 There's something wrong with this one too, so just ignore and enjoy yourself!

Jackie West | Wed, 03/31/2010

Never mind!

Oh, who cares about mistakes! It was funny! I like it how Lucy keeps trying to get them all up!

Arya Animarus | Tue, 04/20/2010

Oh for the times when I felt invincible.

thank you sooo much..

  Thanks so much, Sara..I love getting comments! And yes, Lucy is very fun to have in this!

  Well..there's more..i'll just have to have you wait for more funnies!!!


Jackie West | Fri, 04/30/2010


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