The First Week, Part 2

Fiction By Jackie West // 5/24/2010





The next scene is of a forest. Susan and Lucy come on, a horse. Edmund and Peter follow on foot.

Lucy:  This forest is beautiful!

Susan: I’ll second that.

Peter: Let’s not start that up again, please! 

Others: All right, Peter!

They go back to the castle and get ready for bed. Lucy falls asleep first, followed by her older siblings.

 Edmund: (wakes up) Get up! (Starts shaking his siblings)

 Susan: (rolls over) No, no, no, no, no.

Edmund: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Peter: Oh, stop it, you two! Let’s go down to the Dining Hall.

(All three exit. Lucy wakes up.)

Lucy: (yawns and stretches) I say! Where are the others? They must have gone to the

Dining Hall. I’d better catch up with them! (Exits)

(Peter, Susan, and Edmund enter and sit down at the breakfast table.)

Edmund: I say, where’s Lucy? I thought that she was awake.

Susan: I thought she was awake, too.

Peter: Possibly, Ed, she’s still asleep.

Susan: Good point, Peter.

(Lucy enters and sits down)

Lucy: Good morning, everyone.

Others: Good morning, Lucy.

(Serving maid enters)

Maid: Good morning, you’re Highnesses.

ALL: Good morning.

Maid: Today’s breakfast is scrambled eggs and bacon, with English muffins.

Peter: (takes the scrambled eggs) They look delicious.

Susan: (Takes bacon, takes a bite of a bacon strip) The bacon is very crispy, too. Thank you.

Maid: (curtsies) You are welcome, your Highnesses. (Exits)

(All eat and exit.  Set up stage with four chairs. All enter and sit down.)

Edmund: I’m still hungry.

Lucy: Shall I send for a maid to get some candy?

Edmund: Umm… No. That’s OK.

Lucy: If you insist. I’m still hungry, too, to let you know.

Peter: Than I’ll get some for you. (Whistles shrilly. Maid enters)

Maid: Yes, your Highness?

Peter: Please get some candy for Edmund and Lucy.

Maid: Yes, your Highness. (Exits)

Peter: (leans back) Your wish is soon to be fulfilled.

(Maid enters holding a small bag of candy)

Maid: Here is your candy, your Highness. (Curtsies and exits)

Peter:(Hands the candy to Edmund and leans back) Are you two contented now?

Lucy: No. I haven’t eaten any yet.

Susan: How about you, Ed?

Edmund: No. Like Lucy, I haven’t eaten any yet.

Peter: Then eat, for heaven’s sake!

Lucy: All right. (Takes the candy bag from Edmund and takes a piece. She unwraps pieces and pops them in her mouth. Edmund does the same. They suck on the candy.)

Peter: Now are you contented?

Edmund: Um… Yes, I am.

Susan: Are you contented now, Lucy?

Lucy: Yes, I am.

(Exit, clear stage. Set up coffee table with a pillow and blanket. Edmund enters and lie down. Others follow and lie down, too.)

Susan: Get up, lazybones! (She shakes Edmund) Get up, Peter! Get up, Lucy! Let’s go down and get some lunch! That morning nap was way too long.

 Peter: No, Susan. Just let us sleep.         

Lucy: Please, Susan? I’m awfully tired.         

Edmund: I’m tired, too.  Please let us sleep in, Susan.

Susan: Just get up!   

Others: (Sit up) All right, Susan!

(They all exit. Lights off. Set up stage with coffee table. All enter and sit down. Peter yawns widely.)

Peter: I’m still tired, Susan. (Gets up and starts to walk offstage)

Susan: Stay, Peter. 

Peter: Why should I? 

Lucy: Why, Peter? Aren’t you hungry?

Peter: No. (hurries offstage)

Susan: Brothers are such a pain in the neck!

Peter: (Calls from backstage) Sisters are such a pain in the neck!

Susan: Oh, be quiet, Peter!

Lucy: Can we eat now, Susan?

Susan: Yes, go ahead and eat. I’m going to go get Peter. He’s probably up to mischief in the bedroom. (Exits)

 Lucy: Come on and eat, Ed. (Picks up a piece of “ crispy bacon”) Mmm! Delicious!

Edmund: I’m not hungry. (Exits)

Lucy: Thanks, Edmund!

Edmund: For?

Lucy: You made me lose my appetite. (Exits)

(Clear the stage. Peter walks on and sits down. Susan enters, carrying a picnic basket and blanket.)

Susan: Please help me spread this blanket, Peter.

Peter: Why?

Susan: Because I said so, that’s why.

Peter: You are not the High Queen, Your Majesty. (Bows)

Susan: Very funny, you’re Majesty! I’m going on a walk.

Peter: Be back by dinner.

Susan: I will. (Sighs, exits)

(Edmund enters.)

Edmund: Do you know why Susan is walking without an escort? She is going to the ocean.

Peter: She’s probably tired of her annoying older brother. (Leans back)

(Lucy runs in)

Lucy: (singing) Susan’s swimming in the ocean! Susan’s swimming in the ocean!

Peter:   Heeeelllllllp, Lucy’s singing! (Faintly) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

(Susan walks on)

Susan: That felt delicious! Oh, what happened to Peter?

Edmund: Lucy started singing, so he ran off, crying for help.

Susan: Really? He hasn’t cried since he was five.

Lucy: (sings out) Come out, come out, wherever you are. To hear the young maid sing to a star. (Shouts) Come on, Peter.

 Peter: No! I’ve had enough of your singing!

Lucy: (fakes sniffling) That’s not nice, Peter!

Peter: You’re faking that, so stop it! (Comes on)

Lucy: (sings out) I tricked you, I tricked you!

Peter: Stop it! (Runs offstage)

Susan: Peter, just go back to the castle! She’ll only start singing again.

Peter: Thanks for the information! I already knew that!

(All exit, lights off. Clear stage, set up coffee table and place a deck of cards on the table. Offstage, the kings and queens put on their robes and crowns. Enter and sit down.)

Edmund: What shall we play first?

Lucy: How about Go Fish?

Edmund: That’s a baby game!

Lucy: Is not! I’m not a baby, and I play it and love it!

Edmund: Is too!

Lucy: Is not!

Edmund: Is too!

Susan: Oh, stop it, you two! Don’t get into another argument.

Peter: Yes. Don’t get into another argument.

Edmund: If you insist, you’re Majesty. You’re not much higher in authority than I am. Anyway, must I always obey you? I’m a king too, as you happen to know. I’m… just. That’s what Aslan said.

Peter: Do you know what that means?

Edmund: No, and I don’t care, either.

Susan: Let’s go eat dinner now. I’m starving, because I skipped lunch to go for a swim.

Peter: We all skipped lunch, Susan.

(All exit, lights off. Clear the stage and set up the coffee table with toy dishes and food. All enter and sit down.)

Edmund: Let’s eat! (Reaches for some chicken)

Susan: Be patient, Ed! Lucy gets served first, remember? She’s the youngest, isn’t she?

Edmund: (mumbles) I wish I were the youngest. (Looks at his lap)

Susan: What was that?

Edmund: (Looks up quickly) Nothing, Susan.

Susan: It was something, Edmund.

Edmund: Okay, I give up! I did say something, but it’s none of your business.

Peter: I’m your brother, so tell me what you said.

Edmund: No.

Susan: Oh, stop it! We’re all starving, so let’s eat. (They all serve themselves and eat)

Peter: (Leans back) I’m full. Let’s tell one of the servants to bring a deck of cards.

Lucy: I’m not up to playing cards. I’m tired. Let’s go to bed. Please, Peter?

Peter: If you answer my math question correctly. What is 57+43?

Lucy: (Answers promptly).  100? Bye! (Runs offstage. Susan follows.)

Lucy: Get Susan off me, Peter!

Susan: Get back there now, or I’ll give you a good spanking!

Peter: You don’t have the authority to, Susan.

Susan: Oh, really?

Peter: Yes, really. (Exits. Starts giving Susan a good scolding)

Edmund: (grins) This I’ve got to hear. (Exits)

(Lights off, clear stage. Set up stage with the coffee table and set up the coffee table with a pillow and blanket. All enter; Susan and Peter are arguing.)

Susan: I think that it’s Edmund’s turn to sleep over there.

Peter: No, Susan, it’s Lucy’s turn to sleep over there.

Susan: No!

Peter: Yes!

Susan: No!!!

Peter: Yes!!!!

Susan: No!!!!!!!!

Lucy: You can sleep there, Ed. I’ll sleep right here. (Lies down.)

Edmund: Thanks, Lu. (Lies down)

Susan: May we please continue our argument in the morning? I’m really tired. Anyway, we’re-

Peter: (Interrupts Susan) Fine, Susan. There might not be a tomorrow.

Susan: There’s never a tomorrow, Peter.

Peter: You’re insane.

Susan: No, I’m not.

(They fall asleep. Maid turns off the light.)

Edmund: (Yawns and stretches) Get up, get up, whoever you are!

Others: No!!!!

Edmund: Never mind. I’m going to get breakfast. What’s wrong with you guys anyway? Aren’t you hungry?

 Susan: I’m not hungry, and I never will be.

Lucy: And I feel sick.

Peter: And I have chicken pox.

Edmund: (Walks offstage, calls) Maid, is today some sort of holiday?

Maid: Not holiday. It’s April Fools’ Day.

Edmund: (Walks onstage) Okay, you guys, I know that you’re tricking me! It’s April Fools’ Day, so get up! The maid told me. Get up, all of you! You’re all playing tricks on me.  I know it. Get up!!!! The maid gave it away! Come on! Get up, Lucy! Get up, Susan! Get up, Peter! You’re all tricking me!


Peter: (Sits up) We tricked you! Oh, what a joke!!!!

Lucy: (Sings out) We tricked you!!!!! We tricked you!!!!!!

Peter: Oh, brother! (Runs offstage, Edmund in pursuit. Susan follows.)

Lucy: (Sighs) Oh, well. (Exits)



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