The First Week, Part 3

Fiction By Jackie West // 8/19/2010






The last of the Narnian adventure.


(Lights off. Clear off the pillows and blankets from the stage and set up the table with breakfast dishes and food. All enter and sit.)

Peter: Let’s start serving out the food.

Susan: Good idea. Lucy, start serving yourself. 

Lucy: (Makes herself a bowl of cereal) What shall we talk about?

Edmund: I know! I’m getting married.

Lucy: Edmund, that’s not funny! What will we talk about, Susan? What we’re doing after breakfast? Feasts? What?


Susan: Let’s not talk about anything and concentrate on our breakfast. Isn’t that a good idea?


Lucy: I suppose so. I’m starving anyway. I barely had any dinner last night. You were fortunate to get a piece of chicken, Edmund.


Edmund: I know.

(All start eating. Lucy finishes and bounds offstage. Peter finishes and leans back. Susan follows Lucy. Edmund exits after the girls.)

Edmund: My head is saying that I need to do something athletic.

Peter: Your head can’t talk, Ed.

Edmund: My brain can, Peter. You know what I’m talking about.

Peter: (Stands up) Whatever. (Exits)

(Lucy enters with Susan following her)

Lucy: You hurt my feelings, Susan! Why can’t you just leave me alone? I do like to be left alone every once and a while! Don’t you like to be left alone when you want to be left alone? I certainly don’t mind privacy every once and a while!


Susan: I do like to be left alone, Queen Lucy. (Curtsies) But I thought that all four of us were going to have a tennisvik tournament after breakfast. Don’t you remember being asked by Peter yesterday?


Lucy: No, and I don’t care! (Runs offstage. Susan follows after sighing deeply. Lights off, clear stage. Set up stage with coffee table. Peter enters, holding the tennisvik ball. Susan and Edmund follow.)


Peter: I’ll be a whole team by myself. You two can be on a team together. By the way, do either of you know where Lucy is?


Susan: She didn’t want to play. I reminded her about the tournament, but she said that she didn’t care.


Edmund: Are you sure she said that? Maybe you’re going deaf or something. I don’t think that she said that. Are you really sure she said that, Susan?


Susan: I am not going deaf, Edmund!

Edmund: I said maybe, Susan.

Peter: Never mind. Let’s start the game. (Throws the ball to Susan, who catches it and throws it back. Exit, lights off. Clear the stage and set up the coffee table with plates and cups. All enter and sit down.)


Lucy: I don’t feel hungry. Do I have to eat?

Peter: It would be good if you ate dinner after all that crying. When I cried a lot, I always felt very hungry.


Lucy: Peter, we have nothing in common.

Peter: True.

Susan: Stop talking and eat. (Points at Edmund, whose mouth is full) Look at Edmund! He’s finished eating already!

(Everyone looks at Edmund, who sighs in contentment and leans back.)

Peter: Are you finished already?

Edmund: What do you think? Of course I’m done! While you and Lucy were talking, I served myself and ate dinner.


Lucy: We hardly talked at all, Ed! You must have been stuffing your mouth, which is very rude. Right, Susan?


Susan: That’s right, Lucy.

Edmund: I wasn’t stuffing my mouth! I just wasn’t very hungry.

Peter: Sure. I know that you’re always hungry.

Edmund: Not now.

Susan: Never mind. Let’s play some card games. Maid, bring out a deck of cards!

(Maid enters, holding a deck of cards)

Maid: Here are your cards.

Peter: (Takes the cards) Thank you. (Maid exits) What shall we play first? Lucy, pick the first game.


Lucy: How about Go Fish?

Edmund: Not that baby game!! (Exits)

Peter: (Sighs) Then how about-

Lucy: Peter, let’s not play cards. (Takes the cards and exits. Peter and Susan follow.)

(Lights off, clear stage. Set up stage with four chairs. All enter and sit down.)

Edmund: It’s starting to rain.

Others: Fascinating.

Edmund: What shall we talk about first?

Others: A thing.

Edmund: How about the weather?

Others: No.

Edmund: Then what?

Others: A thing.

Edmund: Oh, stop it! I’m just about to lose my temper!

Others: Oh.

Edmund: I’m warning you!

Others: About what?

(All exit. Lights off, clear stage. Set up with coffee table. Set up the coffee table with plates and food. All enter and sit down.)

Lucy: Edmund: Go ahead and serve yourself, Edmund. I don’t feel very hungry.

Peter: Do you feel sick?

Lucy: No.

Susan:  You have to eat. You’ve already skipped some meals already.

Lucy: Fine, I’ll eat. (Serves herself and eats.)

(Susan, Edmund and Lucy exit.)


Peter: Well, we kings and queens have enjoyed our first week of ruling and we hope that you have enjoyed this play. (Exits.)

(Peter and Susan enter, bow, then curtsy; Edmund and Lucy enter, bow, then curtsy)

All: And now, good friends, farewell.




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