Storm Warning, Character Descriptions

Fiction By Jackie West // 1/15/2011

                    Kerry Nicholas

                    Date of Birth-April 26, 1997
                    Siblings-Justin (18), Macie (16), Jana (13), Jeremy (8), and Andrew (newborn).
                     What does she look like-Average in height and weight, dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.
                    Character-Interested in crime and detection and knows how to survive in the woods, Kerry can be easily angered at times, but she is usually diligent at her tasks and sensitive and protective of family and friends. She can be loving and kind. She loves to write.
                    Part in story-Main character.


                   Jack Warren

                  Date of Birth-January 31, 1969
                  Short black hair and black eyes.
                  Character-Usually quiet, especially when he is scheming. Used to share command, but other commander was too slow wiited while Jack is logical and witty-at times. He is generally cool tempered and does not get angry very often.
                   Part in story-Leader of NC bad guys.


                     Jana Nicholas

                    Date of Birth-February 12, 1998
                   What she looks like-Long dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes.
                    Character-Very talkative and social but spending most of her time bugging her siblings and doing school, which she loves, Jana can be sensitive and easily angered at times, but she is generally good-tempered.
                    Part in story-Kerry's little sister


                    Macie Nicholas

                    Date of Birth-August 1, 1994.
                    What she looks like-Dark brown hair and light brown eyes.
                    Character-Usually quiet, friendly, and helpful, and loving and protective of family and friends, Macie is not academically based, but pretty smart nonetheless. Gentle, sweet, and good-tempered demeanor.
                     Part in story-Kerry's older sister


                     Kinalo West

                     Date of Birth-June 12, 1995
                     What she looks like-Long, dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Shorter than average and slightly stout.
                     Character-With a good sense of humor and sarcasm, Kinalo is fun loving and willing to help anyone who is in need. She knows everything about plants and has some medical skill and loves hanging out with her siblings and friends. She is also a novelist.
                     Part in story-one of the healers, the older sister of the creator, Jackie.


                      Jordan West

                      Date of Birth-March 3, 1999
                      What she looks like-Long, dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Slightly tall for her age and average weight.
                      Character-Sarcastic nearly all the time, Jordan is constantly on the go. Quite the techno geek, she will dissect any device that has wires and batteries and the like. She is very outgoing and though she can be annoying, she is liked by many people. Fun-loving, and her helpfulness often depends on her mood.
                      Place in story-Second-in-command of Justice, the group that her older brother, Reule, set up, and the younger sister of the creator, Jackie.


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