Thank You, Ben/My Writing Life

An Essay By Jackie West // 7/1/2010

  Thank you, Ben, for creating ApricotPie.

  Thank you for letting me join.

  Thank you for editing the stuff that I submit.

  Thank you for publishing my posts for the world to see.

  Thank you for being so willing to do so much stuff here even though your own life is pretty busy!

  Thank you, Ben, for everything!


  I started writing when I was seven and a half, with very silly little stories in a composition notebook. One, the Mystery of the Missing Beehive, had a picture on one page and The End on the next page!

  I started several other mysteries when I was a little older-and never finished them.

  I started several stories on the computer-and never finished them.

  One story, a story about a girl named Gabrielle and her 20+ siblings, her parents, and her friends. She had a twin named Christian. Many of her siblings were adopted. That one story I did finish-aside from short stories that were two, three pages long.

  When I was eleven or twelve, I got into fantasy. I created an imaginary planet and started writing a book about a girl who goes on an adventure with some friends to find the most ancient reasure on her planet-a very unusual treasure, not an 'extraordinarily ordinary' treasure. Thus was born Quest for the Treasure.               

   Inspiration kept flowing, and soon Shining Stars and Ultimate Decision were begun. Then came Valley of the Shadow of Death.

  Writing is fun, but it is not my future career. I am not disciplined enough to write when I really 'need' to, since I write pretty much whenever I want to..which is not cool...

  But, it would be nice to keep posting on AP until it dies, which is hopefully not any time soon!





Thank you Eiran. It's great

Thank you Eiran. It's great to see you writing on apricotpie!

Ben | Fri, 07/02/2010


 Thanks, Ben!! :) :) :> :>


Jackie West | Fri, 03/25/2011


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