Elf Aggion

Age: 25

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

Hello ApricotPie... *inaraspyvoice* I have finally arrived to haunt your dark halls...ahem...I mean...um...okay, lets start over....
Hi ApricotPie! I'm Ellie (or Elf, or Evil Elf, or Telby, or Elisabeth, or whatever, really...)

I'm 16 (and will be till September 2011), and am a student of CollegePlus! I'm a high school graduate as of May 2011, and will hopefully have my College BA by Summer 2012!

I have six awesome siblings, a wonderful mom and dad, a dog, two cats, and nine chickens. And we all live together in the coolest house that is. :)

My current statuses include nasty-sinner-saved-by-HIS-Grace, unpublished authoress (elisabethfaggion.com), member of Twinklings (twinklingsgroup.com), Co-Director/Actress/Editor/Producer of iLerp Studios (iLerp.com), beginning piano teacher (have 2 students), Junior in college (84 credits as of today), second oldest child, and MIT (mom-in-training).

Those are my "official" statuses, I suppose...although I'm sure I could come up with others, like book worm, singing-in-the-shower-er, and many more... :D


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