All the Time in the World: Chapter 3

Fiction By Elizabeth Anne // 10/8/2011

 Just then, Sam walked down the steps. Melody snapped back to reality and shoved the sketch in her pocket before anyone saw it. This day was starting out really weird. She scooped up Valiant and turned towards Sam.

            “Hey!” Sam said, “Now that I’m done packing, why don’t we take the dogs for a walk and hang out?”

            “Great idea!” Melody said, smiling “I’ll go get my coat.”


            “So, how’s school going for you?” Sam asked, the hot breeze picking up her hair and tossing it back behind her.

            “Oh, you know. Social studies, English, math, and obnoxious teenaged girls who can’t seem to get a life.” Melody replied.

            “What’s that supposed to mean, ‘teenaged obnoxious girls who can’t seem to get a life.’?” Sam asked, trying to make Melody laugh. It didn’t work.

            “Well, you know how I was adopted?”

            “Yeah, so? What does that have to do with a bunch of obnoxious girls?” Sam asked, glancing with concern at her cousin.

            “So, I haven’t made any friends yet at this new school, but somehow all the girls know about my adoption.”

            “So? Why should it be a big deal?”

            Melody and Sam sat down on a bench in front of a clothing store in the sleepy town. “So apparently there aren’t many adopted girls around here. And there are none who don’t even know who their parents were.” Melody said. “I know it shouldn’t bother me so much, but recently I’ve been hearing voices.”

            “Voices?” Sam replied, slight astonishment and extreme concern in her voice. “Now you really are beginning to scare me.”

            Melody didn’t respond right away, she was staring across the street what appeared to be an empty store. She reached into her pocket and fingered the sketch. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Sam, Melody turned to look at her cousin. When she did, there was extreme confusion in her face.

            A chill went down Sam’s back as Melody spoke, and she barely heard her. She suddenly felt afraid, so afraid that things were about to change and that she’d never be able to go back. This walk together might be their last. Sam gasped as Melody tapped her on the shoulder, and turned towards her cousin.

            “sorry.” She said “what were you saying?”

            “I was just asking if you remember seeing that store before? The one across the road?” Melody replied.

            “Store? I don’t remember the stores around here. Well, except for that fabulous antique dress shop. Why do you ask?”

            But Melody wasn’t listening, she herself was beginning to feel a bit fearful. She dashed across the road without looking for cars and with Valiant in her arms. She didn’t know why, but this store felt familiar to Melody, and at the same time she didn’t remember it being there before.

            Sam and Knight were right behind her, and Sam was protesting as Melody pushed the door open. They glanced at each other, both full of emotion, both full of dread. Then they stepped in.



I don't have much to say

I don't have much to say about this chapter, except that I liked it, I feel bad for her, and wonder what'll happen next!

Anna | Wed, 10/26/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief