The Gifted:Part 1. chapter 4

Fiction By Elizabeth Anne // 10/30/2011

Okay, so I haven't had much time to work on my stories recently. Both of the chapters I am posting this week are pretty short as a result. Tell me what you think.  :)



Chapter Four
            Nahtalie only looked back once, as she was climbing the ladder, then she ran. She heard shouts and sounds of pursuit from behind her, but still she did not look back. She ran faster, going south. She did not know for how long she ran, but it was late in the day before she dared to rest.
            She listened for a moment- bent over and breathing hard- for any signs of pursuit. After concluding that she had shaken off her pursuers, she unwrapped the cloth- which happened to be the cloak Corree had mentioned- and put it on. Then she tucked the papers into her belt and continued at a much slower pace.
            The sun beat down on her, so that even the shade of the trees could not protect her from the heat. However, to her surprise, she actually was cooler under the cloak then outside of it. After a while, she ran once more.
            That night she slept in a tree for the first time in many years, and she seemed to sleep the best she had in many years. The trees seemed to call out to each other, and sing songs she had never heard. She listened as she fell asleep, and found herself humming along. Then she slipped, exhausted, into slumber. 


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