Hitting Deep and Hard - 1 Corinthians 3:1-17

A Poem By Elizabeth Anne // 6/10/2013

Help me to have
A tender heart,
A pliable heart,
A heart ready to learn.

My goal is growth
Not "got'cha".

Infants should grow,
Babies should grow.
If they don't grow -
Something's wrong!

Every child
Is expected to grow.
Thus there is hope
For those found in Christ
To grow.

Still there is trouble.
The problem-

There's a lack of maturity
And humility
And peace.

The prideful person
Brings his own thoughts,
And beliefs.

The problem is not
That the people are babes
But rather the fact
That the babes do not grow.

FIRST there is that
Of a field that grows.
Paul planted,
Apollos watered,
But God grew.

So why does it matter
Who God used?
Does it matter
What tool the worker used?

Whether he used a broken spoon
Or a shiny golden spade
The result stays the same-
It grows!

It does not matter if
Paul planted.
It does not matter if
Apollos watered.
It only matters-
God grew! (5-9)

NEXT there is that
Of the church as a building.
A worker places straw,
Another adds gold,
But the end is the same
Because the foundation is Christ.

Our foundation is Christ
And how we add to the church
We must take care-
For the result is not ours-
The foundation is Christ.

Each person will add
To the structure
Of the church
And what we add
Will add to our case
In a way that will build
Or tear down
On judgement day. (9-15)

LAST there is that
Of the church as a temple.
This image is really
A warning-
Harsh and true.

"Don't you know?"
Is a rhetorical question
Begging believers
To recognize this image
As one they should know.

If anyone tries
To destroy God's temple-
God will in turn
Crush him.

You are God's temple
And God will protect you,
But that that doesn't mean
You won't be attacked.

No presence-
No temple.
The church cannot be
Without Christ. (16-17)


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