Summer Goes As Winter Comes

A Poem By Elizabeth Anne // 4/4/2013

Hidden in the trees,
Deep beneath the sun,
A glint of silver in the leaves
Hints that summer's done.

The glint soon grows to silver drops
That drain out of the sky
Like little pieces of the sun
That fall until it dies.

And with the sun, so goes the rain,
And even goes the dew.
They're all replaced by cotton-balls
That float down from the moon.

The sky is dark in wintertime
Without the sun or moon.
And even treetops shake with fear
And hope the cold ends soon.

Before too long a flower grows
Across the winter sky;
And some say winter's gone at last
Though those who say so lie.

As the flowers grow in color
The sky grows brighter too.
And then the bees come back once more
And with them bring the dew.

Slowly, ever slowly now,
The moon creep back to life.
The flower growing in the sky
Blooms to banish strife.

And when the sun is in full bloom
And once more fills the sky,
The winter cold, quite like a tomb,
Is prone to wilt and die.

So now the summer's back once more
And fills the air with life.
But soon the silver glints again
To bring backwar and strife.


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