Tangled Up in Narnia: Part 1

Fiction By Elizabeth Anne // 1/18/2014

Flynn woke to the blinding light of the sun glinting in the snow. Blinking his eyes furiously, he cleared his mind and looked around. That was when he noticed the horse. Frantically scrambling away from the horse, he backed up against something cold and metal. When the horse turned and trotted away into the snow, Flynn finally realized that something was wrong.
Where was he? It certainly wasn’t anywhere he had seen before, and Flynn had been everywhere. The last thing he remembered was climbing into that tower and starting to settle in; then a brief flash of some wardrobe which he was flying towards, and then blackness. But that was crazy sounding. Of course, until that day he had thought a horse chasing him through the woods in an attempt to find a… WAIT!? Where was his satchel?
Flynn grasped around, hoping to find it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Crashing through the trees and snow, he retraced his steps and found himself once again in the presence of a wild looking and majestic horse. The horse disappeared further into the woods, and Flynn fell dramatically on his knees. Throwing his hands up into the air he cried out “Whhyyyyy?”
Collapsing onto the frozen ground, Flynn buried his face in the snow and wished the world away. Instead of getting his wish, the world came to him. Hearing voices around him, Flynn chose to ignore them. Unfortunately, the voices only got louder, though muffled. His own muffle response got caught in the melting snow as he moaned “go away” and sought to die in misery in a strange land without his satchel.
Finally looking up, Flynn’s moustache of snow dripped slowly off of his face, causing giggle to erupt from a group of small children around him. Flynn thought he wasn’t hearing right, so he cleaned his ears and rubbed his eyes. These children had the deepest voices he had ever heard… and the biggest beards.
“You- son of Adam- what are you doing here? Who has sent you?” The largest child pointed a dagger at Flynn’s nose.
“Well…” Flynn took one finger and slowly pushed the tip of the dagger away from him, “I don’t know who my father was, but he’s dead so his name doesn’t really matter. Also,” Flynn cleared his throat and stood up in what he assumed to be a majestic stance, “I do not know who you are nor how I came to be here, but may I just say…” The back of the dagger came down on Flynn’s head and he watched as pretty stars danced around in his brain. He couldn’t remember what he was going to say! Just before his world went dark, one of the small bearded children came into his view and stood over him.
“Welcome to Narnia.”


Interesting twist...

Although I don't completely like the idea, it was still a good read.
I'm wondering what you're going to do with this...

Maddi | Mon, 01/20/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Huh, interesting. When did

Huh, interesting. When did she do that in the movie?? But, hey still good to read.

j. Glen pollard | Tue, 01/21/2014

"The trip is a difficult one. I will not be myself when I reach you."-When I Reach Me.


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